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AffPapa reveals new partnership with WebPartners

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AffPapa's WebPartners partnership.

AffPapa has announced a partnership with WebPartners, the affiliate program behind MyBookie, and several other prominent brands in the gambling industry. WebPartners, which is focused on the North American market, is a well-established global affiliate program with a significant reach in numerous markets.

Presently, the company is responsible for five excellent brands, including,,, and not least, All of these brands are known names in the gaming and sports betting world, and they provide hundreds of thousands of consumers with excellent products in the respective segments they are interested in.

WebPartners welcomed this partnership and issued a statement, thanking the opportunity to be teaming up with AffPapa in the first place. The company gave its thanks and outlined in future in which this partnership would help it grow even further:

WebPartners is thrilled to announce its partnership with AffPapa. We have been looking for a platform where we can continue to grow and have just found the perfect place. Certainly, working alongside them will lead us to excel in our goal of providing our partners with the best experience.

Moving forward, AffPapa registered affiliates will have the option to team up with WebPartners and explore the business opportunities that the program offers, including a 50% commission in RevShare. The program also contains CPA and Hybrid deals. Commenting on this opportunity, AffPapa Head of Commercials Yeva Avagyan was pleased with this development and hailed the new partner and what it signified for the company.

Avagyan noted that any partner that is looking to break into the affiliate market in the United States will definitely find the WebPartners’ deals tempting and worthwhile. Together, Avagyan said, AffPapa and WebPartners will find the opportunity to prosper.

WebPartners guarantees timely payments, accurate stats reporting and great player value and retention values, AffPapa concluded. AffPapa has been in the news a lot recently, with the company expanding and signing partnerships with other noteworthy companies.

The company recently teamed up with Partners Casino and it brought in PartnerMatrix’s Levon Nikoghosyan to its Board of Directors.

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23 Sep 2022
3 min. read
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