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Svante Sahlström: “We expect demand for slots that offer more narrative-driven approach”

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Svante, Thunderkick.

Thunderkick has continued to grow into one of the industry’s most exciting and dynamic suppliers. With a roster of acclaimed slots under its belt and more big titles on the horizon, we sat down with Svante Sahlström, Chief Commercial Officer at Thunderkick to discover what we can expect in 2024 from the provider. Sahlström provides insightful commentary on Thunderkick's recent successes, including the highly acclaimed release of 12 Bolts of Thunder and the company's strategic partnership with Relum. He also shares his thoughts on the challenges faced by the industry and offers a glimpse into the future – both for Thunderkick and for the slots space as a whole.

Q: You have recently released 12 Bolts of Thunder, how has the game been doing so far?

We’re very pleased with the reception so far. The game has been performing well and resonating with players thanks to its exciting gameplay, engaging features, and high-quality graphics and sound. The pay ladder, which increases incrementally, and free spins round have received particularly positive feedback. We put a lot of effort into crafting an immersive slot experience, and it's great to see people enjoying the game. The positive response we have received validates our commitment to delivering top-notch gaming experiences. We are confident that 12 Bolts of Thunder will establish itself as a fan favourite in our portfolio.

Q: You have recently expanded your content reach through a tie-up with Relum. Are you happy with this arrangement and what remains to be done in terms of geographical outreach this year for Thunderkick?

Our partnership with Relum is a positive step in expanding our reach to new markets. In the coming months it will allow us to introduce our games to a wider audience and tap into their network of operators. The collaboration has been smooth sailing, and we look forward to leveraging this relationship to maximise our market penetration.

In terms of geographical expansion, we have a clear strategy in place for the remainder of the year. We are focused on entering regulated markets where we see strong potential for growth, with Ontario first on the agenda.

The process involves thorough market research, obtaining necessary certifications, and forming key partnerships with local operators. We are also actively exploring opportunities in emerging markets where we believe our games can make a significant impact. Our goal is to establish Thunderkick as a leading provider in these new territories while maintaining our strong presence in existing markets.

Q: What do you foresee as the most serious challenges for Thunderkick this year and the slot industry as a whole?

One of the main challenges for Thunderkick (and the industry as a whole) is navigating the evolving regulatory landscape. With increasing scrutiny across jurisdictions, compliance and adapting to different market requirements has become an ongoing process. Ensuring that our games and operations meet the stringent standards set by regulators is a top priority for us. We monitor regulatory change and proactively make necessary adjustments to stay compliant.

Additionally, the competitive nature of the industry means we need to remain innovate and differentiate our offering. As player preferences evolve and new trends emerge, staying attuned to their needs and delivering fresh, engaging content is crucial. We must strike a balance between staying true to our creative vision and adapting to market demands. This requires a deep understanding of player behaviour, data-driven insights, and the ability to quickly respond to changing dynamics. At Thunderkick, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of slot design and delivering exceptional gaming experiences that set us apart from the competition.

Q: What do you think is the biggest change that happened to iGaming titles over the past year, and how do you think you could improve on this in the coming months?

There has been a popular format around for a few years now – let’s just say it has lots of ways – and it’s been pretty successful. Like every studio in the industry, we’re looking to create a new or alternative take on that. Personally, I love three reel slots, but maybe I’m old school. They seem to be increasingly rare. In contrast, crash game don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. I think we will see plenty more of those in the coming months. Likewise, sequels which studios and players alike are very keen on. You will certainly see some high-quality follow-ups coming onto the market from Thunderkick, one of which may or may not feature skeletons!

Q: What do you think is the biggest shift in consumer demand we can expect in 2024?

Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate a shift towards even more immersive and engaging gameplay experiences. As players become more discerning and seek deeper levels of interaction and entertainment, we expect a growing demand for slots that offer a more narrative-driven approach. Players will be drawn to games that tell compelling stories, feature well-developed characters, and create a sense of progression and achievement. We recently released another entry in our Beat the Beast franchise, with an upcoming Esqueleto Explosivo sequel on the horizon, bringing players back to those beloved game worlds.

Additionally, we’ve noticed a growing demand for games that incorporate social and multiplayer aspects. As the lines between gaming and social media continue to blur, players will seek opportunities to connect, compete, and collaborate within the game environment. This could be in the form of shared bonus rounds, leaderboards, or even cooperative gameplay elements.

We are always exploring innovative ways to meet these evolving player preferences and push the boundaries of what's possible in slot design. Our team is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and creating games that not only entertain, but also provide a deep sense of immersion and engagement. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and are committed to delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences that exceed player expectations this year and beyond.

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05 Apr 2024
6 min. read
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