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Vitali Matsukevich: "There are numerous ways to harness AI in iGaming"

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Artificial Intelligence-powered solutions help transform the day-to-day operations of many online businesses. Amid the growing popularity of iGaming activities, the gambling sector also sought the benefits of such solutions. We reached out to SOFTSWISS, the leading gambling software development company offering innovative iGaming solutions and services powering sportsbooks and operators across the globe, to discuss the importance of artificial intelligence for modern operators. We asked Vitali Matsukevich, the company's Chief Operating Officer, several questions about some of the benefits that AI can bring to iGaming companies.

Q: Can AI revolutionize the development of iGaming content and services?

The question is not just about listing the existing kinds of AI tools but rather about what might come next. Can AI revolutionize iGaming? Definitely. Will it? That's still up in the air.

However, when it comes to using AI at work, crafting content, promoting it, and even developing games, the possibilities are huge. It's not just about crunching data quickly, although that's definitely crucial. AI also adds a touch of automation. Tasks that used to be done by hand can now be passed on to AI, which will handle them swiftly, accurately, and without any hiccups.

Overall, AI has significant potential to revolutionize iGaming because it saves human resources. But only time will tell when and whether it will.

Q: What are some of the key positive aspects of AI-powered solutions when it comes to the development of new products?

Great question! AI offers advanced analytics capabilities. It can analyze individual user preferences and intelligently evaluate both new and existing product features. This data provides valuable insights that can refine new products and enhance existing ones.

Thanks to AI, products and features can become more effective, targeted, and tailored to specific player segments. This applies not only to features but also to bonuses; for instance, you can customize them based on user preferences. While some operators may still be skeptical and not fully rely on AI, I'm confident it will prove itself in the future.

Q: Certainly, human employees need supervision. But what about AI assistants? Are they the future of customer relationship management?

Absolutely, supervision is essential. Take our Chat Bot, for instance, which is basically an AI working in live chat. While it performs well, there's still a supervisor who continuously oversees quality, enhances algorithms, updates templates, and so forth.

AI won't entirely replace humans. It's adept at efficiently handling basic, well-defined tasks. However, as tasks grow more complex and demand creativity, human involvement becomes even more crucial.

Q: In the context of the complex online gambling regulations, can operators rely on AI data and insights to ensure and improve compliance?

I haven't come across any specific regulation requirements for artificial intelligence in iGaming. While there are already regulations at the European level, I haven't seen any from the perspective of gambling commissions.

If we look at common practices and AI tools that don't access personal data, I don't foresee any issues. Regulatory concerns typically revolve around the security of personal data. As long as operators use AI solely for processing large amounts of data, what could regulators possibly question? After all, AI is just a tool.

Q: How can artificial intelligence contribute to enhancing player experiences and security measures in the online gambling sector?

AI tools are incredibly handy for testing things like code snippets and product components, checking for resilience and hackability.

While security experts are crucial, AI can be meticulously thorough and error-free, making it ideal for these tasks. Plus, AI can handle vast datasets, minimizing the risk of human error.

That's why here at SOFTSWISS, we have developed our own ML-based Responsible Gaming Risk Scoring Tool. It's not just about analyzing data; it actively uses machine learning to spot problem gambling cases in real time, intervening before issues escalate.

Q: In what ways does AI-driven data analytics empower operators to make informed decisions and promote responsible gambling practices within the iGaming industry?

There are numerous ways to harness AI in iGaming. Take, for instance, tools like Copilot, which developers use to refine and streamline codes.

Moreover, AI tools excel at analyzing vast datasets to pinpoint player preferences, enabling targeted bonus offers. While this can be a significant time-saver, achieving optimal results requires meticulous setup, analysis, and investment – both financially and in terms of dedicated effort.

By delegating the heavy lifting to AI, operators and providers can allocate their resources more effectively towards managing the entire retention system.

In terms of responsible gambling, the Risk Scoring Tool I mentioned earlier is a prime example of AI supporting safer gaming practices. With AI's assistance, operators can cultivate a safer gaming environment for players, aligning with responsible gambling principles.

Q: How do you see the future of AI, and do you think that it will irreversibly change the online gambling sector?

In the tech world, advancements that boost speed and quality tend to become permanent fixtures. At SOFTSWISS, for instance, we leverage AI to produce daily updates for month-end performance forecasts, a practice I believe will become even more prevalent in the future.

Yet, amidst this progress, safeguarding data remains paramount, particularly when handling sensitive information. To mitigate the risk of data breaches, adopting segregated installations of AI systems could offer a viable solution. Indeed, the tech industry appears to be gravitating towards isolated AI structures, recognizing that safeguarding data will perpetually be a top priority for any organization.

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17 Jun 2024
5 min. read
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