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SOFTSWISS brings together 1,500 employees for Values Fest

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SOFTSWISS, a company that spans a workforce north of 1,500 people across 40 countries, has brought together its team in Türkiye as part of the SOFTSWISS Values Fest, reuniting company employees for an ambitious team-building exercise. The event was designed as a unique opportunity for the company’s thousand-strong workforce to get face-to-face time, exchange knowledge and experience, and strengthen each individual’s understanding of the industry.

Every employee was offered a chance to share their unique experience and expertise as part of the SOFTSWISS ecosystem, focusing on technical and general education. Values Fest held two stages dedicated to each of these two pillars, with the technical presentations focusing on a range of innovative and important business-defining topics, such as software development, cross-product integrations, system analysis, and machine learning.

The general education pillar was dedicated to soft and hard skills as well as the importance of AI and the potential it still holds for the industry. Discussions also focused on UX research and building content for social media platforms such as LinkedIn as well as time management.

SOFTSWISS has been able to pull all of this off while also ensuring that each of the company’s teams has a dedicated working space so that the normal flow of company operations may continue. SOFTSWISS Chief Marketing Officer Valentina Bagniya was very happy to see the Value Fest take form in the way it did.

"We are united not only by our shared professional goals but also by the values we extensively discussed during our gathering in Türkiye. Each value holds significant meaning and serves as the foundation for our teams.," Bagniya added.

SOFTSWISS also used the opportunity of the Values Fest to demonstrate that it’s committed to giving each team member the opportunity to grow and further hone their professional skills and know-how as part of the company.

The Values Fest itself is firmly focused on the company’s core values, to wit: "We care, We see people, We embrace changes, We push for customer success, We excel."

Image credit: SOFTSWISS

16 Nov 2023
2 min. read
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