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SIS delivers Italian horse racing content via new partnership

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The leading provider of content and services for the growing betting industry, Sports Information Services (SIS), announced it expanded further its offering by bringing premium horse racing content from Italy. On Monday, the company confirmed it extended its offering by delivering new flat race meetings. As a result of a new deal, SIS' partners will benefit from high-quality Group and Listed racing content. Overall, there will be 1,435 races annually, delivering action three times a week.

According to a statement released by SIS, the content will include races from the Angano racetrack facilitated via a partnership between SIS and Media System Technologies - MST, a leading betting and broadcasting provider in Italy. Additionally, the provider's partners will benefit from content Italian racing content from leading tracks such as Varese, Treviso, Pisa, Roma and Merano from the IRw consortium.

Elio Pautasso, IRw's President, shared his excitement about the latest announcement saying that the consortium is delighted to team up with SIS and MST. Moreover, he said: "This agreement will guarantee a worldwide audience for the Italian flat racing content represented by IRw, ensuring a high-quality racing offer for SIS network."

Michele Rosi, MST's Head of Operation and Business Development, added that SIS is globally recognized for offering the best racing action content in the world. He added that the latest deal brings excitement and at the same time complements the company's offering by delivering entertaining racetrack content.

Rosi stressed that the new collaboration also expands the reach of MST's product. Finally, he said: "This deal will be integral in achieving our goal of promoting Italian Flat horse racing content worldwide and providing customers with attractive betting opportunities."

Available 24/7, SIS delivers more than 68,000 live racing events annually. The company's partners benefit from an end-to-end solution that provides them with unique leverage including on-screen graphics, data, live streamed pictures, as well as different markets.

The combination of those assets delivers unrivaled experiences for the company's partners and in turn, creates value and boosts their revenues. Considering the latest collaboration, SIS further expands its offering by delivering new events for its partners.

Conall McSorley, SIS' Head of International Horse Racing, was also excited about the extended racetrack content from Italy. "The addition of high-class Italian content further emphasizes our focus to bring operators and their customers the widest range of betting opportunities from around the world 24/7, 365 days a year," he explained.

In conclusion, McSorley said: "Italian racing is on an upward trajectory, and with quality racing on the track, we are sure that both operators and bettors will respond positively to this addition to our content offering."

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14 Feb 2023
3 min. read
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