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Simplebet becomes latest IBIA member

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Partnership, two hands reaching out.

Simplebet, a sports betting innovator that focuses on the provision of micro-betting markets and fixtures, has become the latest operator from the sector to join the International Betting and Integrity Association (IBIA). Thanks to this, the company, which is focused on the delivery of B2B services in the United States, will have the opportunity to contribute to the joint effort that is upholding the integrity of sporting events.

Simplebet is delivering its services for operators across a range of sports, including the NBA, MLB, and NFL. The partnership is also an important step forward for IBIA, which is actively attempting to grow its footprint in North America in a bid to consolidate its monitoring services in the region. Commenting on this opportunity, Simplebet EVP of Business Affairs and General Counsel, Melissa Davis, noted that integrity is a non-negotiable subject for her company.

She welcomed the chance to team up with IBIA, which is the defining integrity monitoring service worldwide. "Pooling our resources will help maintain fair play in sport, negate corruption in sports betting, and ensure our partners and their customers can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to wagering," Davis assured.

IBIA CEO Khalid Ali was similarly pleased with the development. He said the fact Simplebet had chosen to participate was another tell-tale sign that the company was fully committed to ensuring that the world of sports remains protected and no betting-related offenses go undetected.

IBIA, Ali added, was looking forward to collaborating closely with Simplebet to help it protect its services and products, but also put safeguards in place to protect sports as well. Simplebet operates in a particularly dynamic area of the betting experience, offering advanced solutions for the live betting vertical by leveraging micro-betting products that cover, the NFL, NBA, MLG, college football, and since recently, college basketball.

For its part, IBIA reunites 45 companies and 125 sports betting brands around the world which, together, channel $137bn worth of sports betting handle, or 50% of all regulated activity. IBIA hopes to ensure that this number goes up to 100%, although this will be a long going the organization suspects.

Still, IBIA has been adding new members at a very good pace. Over the past months, IBIA welcomed betJACK, Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment, and Zeturf group as some of its newest members.

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27 Jan 2023
3 min. read
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