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MGM Resorts endorses the United Nations' CEO Water Mandate

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The leading global entertainment company, MGM Resorts International, reaffirmed its commitment to a sustainable environment after endorsing the United Nations' CEO Water Mandate. The company confirmed Tuesday it showed support for the global initiative and joined hundreds of companies that are committing to address water challenges and crises.

Not unexpectedly, MGM Resorts once again leads by example, as the endorsement made it the first gaming company to support the CEO Water Mandate, a statement reveals. Still, the endorsement doesn't come as a surprise considering that last year, MGM Resorts finalized its Global Water Policy, in an effort to ensure how it will source and manage water for its global operations.

Moreover, the company has also made water management an important part of its overall social impact and sustainability efforts by implementing key efficiencies. Notably, between 2007 and 2021, efforts by MGM Resorts helped reduce its water use by 37%, saving 5.6 billion gallons by implementing different water-efficient features and initiatives.

Additionally, to reduce its water use, in Las Vegas, the company replaced more than 200,000 square feet of real grass. In its place, MGM Resorts placed drought-tolerant landscaping. At the same time, the company introduced equipment and fixtures that are water efficient for its laundry operations, kitchens, as well as guest rooms.

MGM Resorts is also recognized for its global environmental efforts. Recently, the company made it to the non-profit CDP's annual A-List of companies that are recognized for their performance on climate change, water security and corporate transparency. What's more, MGM Resorts secured a special accreditation to attend the upcoming 2023 UN Water Conference planned for March.

Recognized as an ambitious global initiative, the CEO Water Mandate engages with leading companies around the world asking them to commit to implementing meaningful policies. Overall, participants in the initiative commit to six elements and need to submit an annual report with their progress.

Businesses joining the global initiative implement efficiencies and address critical water risks. This, in turn, supports the UN Sustainable Development goals on water security. Currently, more than 230 companies around the world have vowed support for the CEO Water Mandate.

MGM Resorts' CEO and President, Bill Hornbuckle, commented on the topic saying: "Given our environmental conditions, Las Vegas has long been innovative in its approach to water. We are fortunate to do business in a place that has a world-class water management system and hope to help others learn from successes here."

Finally, he pointed out: "The ongoing drought and effects of climate change in the Western US are a wake-up call that we need to do more, and to that end—we're proud to endorse the CEO Water Mandate to not only share what we've learned in Las Vegas, but also help strengthen our commitments."

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22 Feb 2023
3 min. read
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