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Delta Corp gets right to return offshore casino in operation

17 May 2022
2 min. read

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Delta Corp will be allowed to return one of its offshore casinos back to operation in the state of Goa after the company won a temporary court reprieve and is now willing to restart operations. The National Green Tribunal originally suspended Deltin Caravela’s operations because of a failure to obtain the necessary permits.

The documents in question concerned a right to operate on the Mandovi River. Seeing how Deltin Caravela, also known as Kings Casino, is a riverboat casino, this was a serious breach, the National Green Tribunal ruled. The National Green Tribunal is not particularly looking to damage Delta Corp’s operations or finances but insisted that the company should comply with established ordinances to operate its business.

However, a Supreme Court of India's decision has now reversed the National Green Tribunal ruling. This is an important win for Delta Corp as Kings Casino is said to account for at least 5% of the company’s revenues based on its most recent financial results.

Meanwhile, Delta Corp continues to work on a project that should replace the existing casino. In fact, the company has allocated $20.5 million to create a new casino that will float on the Mandovi River and is expected to launch by mid-2022 while the existing Kings Casino will pull out.

Goa is one of the states to currently regulate casinos and gambling in some form. There have been talks of late that other states will be joining, as India remains largely a gray-area market when it comes to gambling operations. Delta Corp is one of a few licensed and regulated companies to provide locals with a reliable gambling product.

The temporary brush with the National Green Tribunal should not impact the company’s reputation or its intentions to continue delivering a trustworthy product in the state and possibly beyond.

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17 May 2022
2 min. read