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Danish brick-and-mortar casinos enjoy strong revenue in May

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May was a strong month for the land-based casinos in Denmark, judging by figures released by the regulator in the country. Overall, land-based casino gross gaming revenue (GGR) this May hit DKK 32m ($4.5m), according to data released by the Danish Gambling Authority on Monday. When compared to the DKK 10.8m ($1.5m) in GGR reported by brick-and-mortar casinos from the same period during May 2021, an increase of nearly 200% is observed.

While the result in May this year is good when compared to 2021, still, when compared to April, land-based GGR dipped slightly. In April this year, GGR for brick-and-mortar casinos in Denmark hit DKK 35m ($4.8m). Similarly, in March GGR for land-based casinos was DKK 34m ($4.7m), while in February it hit DKK 31m ($4.3m). Those results reaffirm that the Danish casinos are on their way to a financial rebound, after the economic impact brought by the pandemic in the last few years.

Similarly, GGR for gaming machines in Denmark also saw strong revenue in May this year. In total, gaming machines GGR this May hit DKK 108m ($15m). When compared to May 2021, when GGR for gaming machines halted at DKK 55m ($7.6m), an increase of 97% was observed.

What's more, based on the figures released by the regulator, May is the fourth month in a row with GGR for gaming machines surpassing DKK 100m ($13.8m). In April and March, gaming machines' GGR was DKK 110m ($15.2m), while in February GGR hit DKK 109m ($15.1m). Without any doubt, those results once again reaffirm the strong recovery of the land-based gambling industry in the country.

In contrast to the significant increase in GGR for land-based casino operations, online gambling GGR marked a slight decline this May. Online casino GGR in May hit DKK 245.6m ($34m). When compared to the online casino GGR from May 2021, a decrease of 0.4% was observed.

Regardless of the year-over-year decrease in May, the overall online casino GGR remains strong. When compared to April this year, online casino GGR increased by nearly 1.5%. Additionally, May marks the 18th month in a row with online casino GGR above DKK 200m ($27.7m).

Another decrease was observed in the GGR for betting operations in Denmark during May. The activity generated DKK 185.5m ($25.7m), down 7.3% when compared to May last year.

When compared to April, betting GGR in May decreased by 16.6% from the DKK 222m ($30.7m). However, comparing the DKK 185.5m ($25.7m) in betting GGR from May to March, when GGR halted at DKK 155m ($21.5m), an increase of nearly 20% is observed.

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05 Jul 2022
3 min. read
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