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Wow Partners: “Customer complaints are invaluable to us”

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Wow Partners

Wow Partners is vying for recognition in The Most Effective Handling of Complaints as part of the Casino Guru Awards this year. Our team caught up with the shortlisted candidate to get a better sense of what is on the table and why Wow Partners believes that its offer deserves to be recognized over those of competitors. Probing into the nitty-gritty of the complaint resolution process, Wow Partners opens up about this challenging but crucial aspect of running an iGaming business.

Q: Can we start you with a hard one – how are complaints handled at Wow Partners and why should players trust that you would provide a fair process?

Complaints are taken very seriously, and we have a dedicated team trained to investigate each case impartially. We follow a transparent process, ensuring that all parties involved are heard and considered. Our commitment to fairness is reflected in our adherence to industry standards and regulations. Players can trust our system because we prioritize integrity and strive for resolutions that are just and equitable.

Q: What are the safeguards in place you have to ensure that complaints are handled fairly and that room for error margin is considered?

Our complaint handling process is designed with multiple safeguards. First, we have a tiered system of review, involving different personnel to minimize bias. Additionally, we regularly update our training programs to keep our staff informed about the latest industry standards. To address the margin for error, we encourage continuous feedback and conduct regular internal audits. These measures collectively contribute to a fair and accountable resolution process.

Q: How useful are customer complaints in helping you calibrate your offer and what you bring to players?

Customer complaints are invaluable to us. They serve as a direct line of communication with our users, providing insights into their experiences and expectations. We analyze patterns in complaints to identify areas for improvement, ensuring that our services align better with user needs. It’s a dynamic feedback loop that helps us constantly evolve and enhance our offerings for a more satisfying user experience.

Q: Can you give us examples of where complaints have led to a change in your practices or improvement in the overall user experience?

Absolutely. One notable instance involved user feedback highlighting difficulties in updates regarding account verification. In response, we revamped our website interface, and included a user-friendly verification system which now allows the customers to upload documents directly from their profile and update them once verification is completed without any hassle. Another example stems from complaints regarding the speed of our customer support in live chat. This led to the implementation of a more efficient support system, reducing response times and ensuring quicker issue resolutions.

Q: What do you think the most impactful change to your complaints handling process has been over the last years that has helped you?

The most impactful change has been the integration of training, experience and teamwork into our complaints-handling process. This has enabled us to streamline the initial stages of complaint assessment, allowing our team to focus on more complex cases. We take learning from every complaint, and if required, we modify our process and enhance our teamwork. This not only expedites the resolution process but also improves accuracy and consistency in decision-making, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of our complaint resolution system.

Q: Has the Casino Guru Awards made you more aware of the importance of maintaining a strong complaint handling process and have you been inspired to introduce changes to how you address this?

Participating in the Casino Guru Awards has indeed heightened our awareness of the critical importance of maintaining a robust complaint-handling process. While our existing system is already effective, we remain open to incorporating any valuable insights from the evaluation process to further strengthen our commitment to resolving complaints with fairness and efficiency.

Q: What has motivated you to sign up for the format, and what do you hope to gain as a result of your participation and potentially winning the awards?

The motivation behind participating in the Casino Guru Awards stems from our commitment to excellence and a desire to benchmark our services against industry standards. By engaging in this format, we aim to showcase our dedication to effective complaint resolution and highlight the strides we've made in providing a fair and transparent process for our users.

Winning the awards would not only be a testament to our efforts but also serve as recognition within the industry, fostering trust and confidence in our brand. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to learn from other industry leaders and further refine our practices for an even better user experience in the future.

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10 Jan 2024
5 min. read
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