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WinSpirit: “It’s important to us to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best brands”

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WinSpirit Casino Guru Awards 2024

WinSpirit is the Winner of the Voice of the People category in the Casino Guru Awards 2024, with more than 4,000 votes cast by players sending the casino to the very top. WinSpirit has delved into the meaning of this show of support, and how the company has been able to inspire trust and loyalty among its players, enough to galvanize them into backing it for the important distinction. To WinSpirit, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with leading brands is important, and this is best achieved by communicating trust to the company’s player base.

Q: You have won the "Voice of the People" category at the Casino Guru Awards, mustering over 4,000 votes. Congratulations on that! Why do you think so many people showed up and voted for you?

This is a lot of trust, such a number of votes. We can be proud that in 2 years we managed to create such an engaged community of players. All our efforts are now focused on communicating with them. So, having trusting relationships with the players, we asked them to vote, and it all worked out for us.

Q: How does a casino brand galvanize its player base to engage with them beyond just a simple exchange of making games & bonuses available? In other words, why do your players have a reason to engage with your brand beyond gaming – what is their motivation to actually support you?

It seems to us that the key lies here in the community we are trying to create around WinSpirit Casino. Besides providing players with a service for quality game time, we aim to establish a place where a player feels part of something bigger. When we created messages to promote our involvement, we added simple but effective senses to them. We explained that each of their votes matters, and by voting, they become part of our victory. It turns out that the best motivation from us is to convey that players can make an impact, and together, our voices resonate louder.

Q: Did you have to go to extra lengths to motivate people to turn up and vote for you in the end, and do you think the support shown for you accurately reflects the loyalty you have instilled in your community?

We didn't put in any extra effort to motivate players to vote. Our task was to talk about voting, to convey its importance to us, and to launch some promotional information. We can say for sure that if a player voted for us, then they are loyal to us. If there's no loyalty, no matter how hard you try to motivate players, it won't work out.

Q: Has the Casino Guru Awards process made you more determined to work on building such rapport with your community – i.e. a relationship that goes beyond the simple exchange of money, and strives to establish brand visibility?

Participating in events like the Casino Guru Awards is not just a good motivator to interact with players in a service-money format, but also to build trusting relationships with them. We want it to be clear that our casino is not just about game time, but also about community, communication, and trustworthiness. And of course, it's very important for our brand to stand in the same nomination with the best players in the market.

Q: Having the backing of a significant number of people already, are you motivated to compete in other categories of the Casino Guru Awards, and what would those be if you chose to?

Such great support certainly inspires us for new achievements. We are eagerly looking forward to next year and would like to try our hand in the category of "The Fairest Bonus Policy". We believe we have every chance, as we are actively working on improving our conditions. Likewise, we love setting ourselves ambitious plans and goals.

By the way, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the cool and fair award. We were delighted to be part of it. So, we hope you see us again next year.

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21 Mar 2024
4 min. read
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