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Bitcasino: “We rank high in our players’ minds"

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We sit down with Bitcasino.io, one of our nominees for the Casino Guru Awards in the Fairest Bonus Policy and Most Transparent Casino categories, and whose team show us what they do to ensure a robust standard in both. Bitcasino is confident about the upcoming awards ceremony as the operator has a demonstrated track record and is a recognizable name in the industry, boldly asserting that players appreciate the brand and a company that consistently strives to be transparent, accountable, and helpful.

Q: Bitcasino.io has been a household name in the crypto casino industry. Does a commitment to fair bonus policies have to do anything with your current stature in the industry?

Yes. Bitcasino is heading into its 10th year anniversary in 2024, and to continuously be one of the top crypto casinos in our players’ minds, one of the reasons is definitely due to our fair bonus policies, and ensuring they always have a Fun, Fast and Fair experience.

Q: As we understand, you have eliminated "wagering requirements" from your bonus conditions, which seems to be an industry-defying move. What made you choose to go down this path?

One of Bitcasino's values is that we always put our customers at the center of our universe. We believe that long-term relationships with our customers is the way forward. By awarding wager-free rewards, we know that our customers will enjoy the rewards, and continue to play with us.

Q: You also don't use common bonus practices such as "welcome bonus." What's the added value to your business and importantly, the player, because of this decision?

Bitcasino does not use a deposit-based welcome bonus indeed. This is a common offer by casinos, one favoured by affiliates and some players. However, we understand that many of these bonuses have high wagering requirements, and oftentimes, players are unable to withdraw any winnings, resulting in a relatively unpleasant start to their journey.

This is not the way to earn a player’s trust. We learnt that rewarding players with wager-free rewards after they have completed some wagering requirements is often better received, as players can experience withdrawing their rewards immediately, if they wish to do so.

This creates a good experience for the players from the start, and we build the relationship from then on.

Q: How do we define a fair bonus policy today, and what do you think you do much differently when introducing your players to your bonus policies?

T&Cs of bonuses should be visible and clear to players at different touchpoints. Example: on promo pages, on landing pages, on the reward claim page etc.

On Bitcasino, we clearly state the rules on these pages, especially if any wagering requirements are needed.

Q: What happens when someone misunderstands your bonus policy, or do you believe you are in a place where your bonus conditions are almost self-correcting?

If there is an edge case where a player misunderstands our policy, firstly we will identify the language used, and get a native speaker to review the T&Cs to confirm if all is clear. We will also gather all Customer Support feedback to see if there are more than a single case.

This very seldom happens, as our rewards are straightforward. However, if there happens to be a genuine confusion on the T&Cs due to errors on our part, we have always paid it out to players accordingly.

Q: If Bitcasino.io can get rid of the wagering requirements, why do you think other operators cannot? What makes you more flexible or at least willing to "take this risk?"

One reason is we do not over-inflate the reward money, only to instil wagering requirements to manage theoretical cost. Thus, we are still capping our reward ratio to a healthy %.

Bitcasino as you’ve mentioned is a household name, and because of our reputation, we are able to attract players who value trust in a brand, and do not need large deposit-based welcome bonuses to test out the site. This is an edge we have.

Q: When it comes to bonus policy fairness, is there room for more improvement or is this "it?"

I believe there is always room for improvement. Customers’ feedback is taken seriously at Bitcasino, and we have made changes to bonuses (visibility, wording, placement etc.) based on feedback from our customers.

Q: Has the Casino Guru Awards made you more aware of the importance of implementation of fair bonus policies into your core business model and do you think improvements were made because of this format?

It has made us more aware for sure! By looking into other competitors as well!

It is good to know that Bitcasino offers wager-free rewards like wager-free cashback for all players on our loyalty program, we will strive to keep that for our players.

Improvements were made - sanity checks were done for the site and we also reviewed other sites to get ready for our pitch.

Q: What has motivated you to sign up for the ceremony and what do you hope to gain as a result of your participation and potentially winning the awards?

Winning this award will continue to increase the trust and reputation of our brand among players, something we always strive for, and what motivates us to sign up for the ceremony.

We hope to gain more trust, and will be able to proudly advertise this award logo on our site if we win the award!

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03 Jan 2024
5 min. read
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