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WinSpirit sees welder win $69,000

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WinSpirit Casino

WinSpirit Casino, the winner in the Casino Guru Awards 2024 in the category "Voice of the People," has announced that one of its players has won a total of more than $69,850, using a strategy of their own devising.

The 60-year-old welder was able to win a substantial amount across three big payouts at WinSpirit Casino, the official press release shared with Casino Guru News stated. The man was able to rack up $26,550 and $25,300 on two separate occasions, and top off the rest in a third win.

"I’ve had some fantastic win," the man confessed, speaking to the casino, and offered insight into what he believes is his own strategy.

"When I play, I follow a strategy. I start with bets of $5-10 and increase them after a few wins," he explained. Each win emboldened the player to go a little higher on the bet amounts, and he eventually placed $50 wagers, which resulted in the coveted results.

Of course, just like with any other game in a casino, no strategy would help you actually win. The winner has had a bit of good luck to help him out but is by no means an example of what you should do to actually win.

The money was won by playing Diamonds Power: Hold & Win by Playson, which is a three-by-three slot game, that offers fixed jackpots and the fantastic Hold & Win feature designed to drive engagement and offer amazing rewards.

The man was happy with his winnings and celebrated the significant sum by taking his wife out for dinner at what is a fitting location – a local casino restaurant. "During dinner, we came up with the idea to test my winning strategy again, so we opened the familiar WinSpirit page on my phone," he explained.

Yet, everything the player does is well-considered. "I play for fun. And big wins… they are like a pleasant bonus that you get while enjoying your pastime," the winner said on an optimistic note, reminding anyone who may be listening in that his winnings were the result of sheer luck. Nevertheless, he confirmed that he had picked WinSpirit Casino for a good reason, and after doing diligent research.

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22 May 2024
3 min. read
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