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Vibra Solutions raises esports ante with Oddin.gg

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Oddin.gg and Vibra Solutions

Vibra Solutions will receive an esports boost from Oddin.gg and the company’s iFrame solution, designed to provide partners with a powerful esports odds processing tool that helps businesses boost their engagement and results across the emerging vertical of competitive video gaming.

Vibra Solutions is a well-established platform developer in Latin America with roots in markets such as Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, all of which share a deep connection with competitive video gaming. As a result, Vibra Solutions will now be able to add a new and highly engaging esports betting experience to its partner businesses.

Oddin.gg’s iFrame solution covers more than ten of the most popular titles in the industry and brings real-time odds and data to make sure that sportsbooks bring the best possible experience to their players. Among the markets covered are Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, and League of Legends, but Oddin.gg also features data for eFootball, eBasketball, eSims, and more competitive gaming content.

Celebrating this achievement, Oddin.gg Managing Director and Co-Founder Marek Suchar said that he was very happy to see his company expand in the Latin American market, particularly with a local leader such as Vibra Solutions.

Suchar assured that the integration of the iFrame suite would lead to significant gains for Vibra Solutions and its partners, as it would strengthen the traditional and in-play esports betting verticals for these businesses.

"The potential that esports has for operators is huge. We are excited to launch our complex and engaging solution there. Since the beginning, we had the same mindset as Vibra Solutions: LATAM needs a proper esports betting solution that can attract the esports enthusiast in the region," Suchar noted.

Oddin.gg is also part of the International Betting Integrity Association and its efforts to fight match-fixing on all levels of gambling, including mainstream sports and now electronic sports.

The data provider also has a standing partnership with Sportradar, helping reinforce the latter’s expertise in the esports vertical. Vibra Solutions Commercial Director Federico Saini was similarly pleased with this opportunity and said that it aligned very well with the company’s expansion in the Latin American market.

Esports fit nicely with the company’s ongoing quest to engage with younger demographics and Oddin.gg has emerged as the best choice, Saini noted. "The company provides top expertise in both sides of the equation: the needs of betting operators and platforms, and of esports fans, esports punters," he added, confident in the success of both the vertical as a whole and also this newly-struck alliance.

Image credit: Oddin.gg

22 Apr 2024
3 min. read
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