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StarCasinò launces a new sportsbook in Italy

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StarCasino Bet by Betsson Group

StarCasinò, a Betsson Group brand, is making big movements in the Italian iGaming and wagering market. The company has confirmed that it is launching a new dedicated and fully fledged sportsbook in the country, StarCasinò Bet. Thanks to this addon experience, Betsson Group will considerably expand and transform the reach of its StarCasinò brand in the country in the first place.

The introduction of a sportsbook is important to Betsson Group as it allows it to build upon the StarCasinò brand’s success story in one of Europe’s most lucrative but also competitive markets. Now, Betsson Group hopes that it can pique consumer interest and have more people explore StarCasinò Bet.

The new sportsbook will focus on providing entertainment options online and it will seek to establish itself as a point of reference for sports fans in the country. The launch is not a chance development, either. This year will see the FIFA World Cup take place, which is a massive event associated with some of the biggest sports betting handle windfalls.

This is why the Group is confident that it can push and leverage its market presence to yield stronger regional results. The sportsbook will be available 24/7 and service the need of local Italian punters round-the-clock. Betsson Group Italy Managing Director Stefano Tino welcomed this partnership opportunity and expressed confidence about the future.

The new sportsbook will deliver one of the best gaming experiences, Tino said. This means great odds and intuitive software. Tino argued that the successful track record of StarCasinò’s iGaming operations was proof that Betsson Group is poised to make the most out of this new launch as well.

"The results we recorded in the last period demonstrate our ability to engage customers with quality products, on a safe 360-degree entertainment platform. We are confident that through StarCasinò Bet, we will delight our customer base and sport fans even more," Tino concluded.

Betsson Group just launched another sportsbook in Mexico with the brand. The platform is targeting the second-largest Latin American market and it’s once again launched in anticipation of the forthcoming FIFA World Cup.

Betsson continues to dominate global sports betting and iGaming markets in the hopes of establishing hegemony and continues to experience consistent growth bolstered by well-timed marker entries and a commitment to the specific preferences of local audiences.

Image credit: Betsson

21 Sep 2022
3 min. read
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1 week ago

Any StarCasinò fans here who are excited about the sportsbook and the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022?