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Sportradar names Jim Bombassei SVP, Investor Relations and Corporate Finance

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The globally-recognized sports technology company, offering immersive experiences for bettors and sports fans across the globe, Sportradar, announced a new senior-level hire. The company confirmed Monday it selected Jim Bombassei, a seasoned investment and financial sector executive, for the role of Senior Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Finance. Sportradar's new appointment is with immediate effect and will see the new executive report directly to the company's Chief Financial Officer, Gerard Griffin.

Holding the role of SVP, Investor Relations and Corporate Finance, Bombassei will oversee strategic financial and investment processes. At Sportradar, he will play a key role in the execution of the company's business model and long-term strategy. Moreover, Bombassei will also oversee Sportradar's financial performance and other key processes related to its business relationships with the global investment community.

Before joining the C-suite at Sportradar, the executive accumulated significant experience within the financial sector. He most recently held the role of CFO at the leading cross-platform global games company, SciPlay Corporation. During his tenure, he was in charge of financial reporting, investor relations, as well as accounting.

Before that, Bombassei was a part of Viacom for three decades. At the time, he held important financial roles, overseeing the company's investor relations and corporate finance operations. At the start of his career, Bombassei was an auditor for Ernst & Young.

Gerard Griffin, Sportradar's Chief Financial Officer, commented on the topic in a statement. "We are pleased to welcome Jim to the Sportradar team," he said. Additionally, Griffin pointed out: "He is a talented and respected finance executive, with a wealth of investor relations experience and a track record of success." Last but not least, Sportradar's CFO explained: "Jim will be a great asset as we continue to communicate our vision and strategy to the market and our investor community."

Earlier this year, Sportradar inked a new collaboration with US Soccer. At the time, the company confirmed it became the first Official Betting Data Partner for US Soccer, expanding further its portfolio of partners. Per the terms of that deal, the company agreed to supply its Universal Fraud Detection System, as well as Intelligence & Investigation (I&I) Services, Integrity Audition and other services, propelling the operations of the federation. Ultimately, the deal enabled US Soccer to ramp up its capabilities against sports betting fraud such as match-fixing, along with other threats to the integrity of the sport.

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05 Dec 2023
3 min. read
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