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SOFTSWISS celebrates 10 years of excellence in crypto

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SOFTSWISS has much to show for in the past ten years as the company has posted one success story after the next. Now, 10 years after the company was created, SOFTSWISS celebrates its anniversary by recapping some of the significant milestones and present-day achievements, focusing particularly on its involvement with cryptocurrencies, the company shared in an email press release.

SOFTSWISS has outlined its core role in the promotion of the digital currencies ecosystem, which the company embraced back in 2013 and de facto became the first technological supplier to explore the viability of crypto and digital currency payments on online casinos.

Today, 70% of all projects that leverage the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform also accept digital currencies, and 15% of the monthly payment volume is indeed carried out with digital currencies. The anniversary of the company is celebrating the use of 20 digital currencies on the core iGaming platform which have had their distinct impact on partner businesses and galvanized consumers into trying new experiences.

Among some of the highlights of these currencies, SOFTSWISS argues, are the high transaction capacity, swift transaction speed, and simplified KYC procedure. The company also argues about the best chances at staying anonymous, but of course, KYC and AML procedures ought to be observed at some point. In a statement, SOFTSWISS Chief Commercial OfficerMax Trafimovich:

"In the iGaming industry, integrating digital coins is not only a trend but a strategic imperative. The significance of cryptocurrency lies in its ability to transcend traditional payment barriers, offering players a secure and efficient financial experience. This innovative approach caters to the evolving preferences of tech-savvy users and positions iGaming operators at the forefront of digital innovation in an increasingly dynamic market"

According to Trafimovich, companies that are looking to remain competitive in the iGaming space would need to embrace digital payments and cryptocurrencies in particular if they want to keep shoulder-to-shoulder with the most innovative and forward-thinking companies out there.

The journey through the crypto gaming sector has not always been the easiest on players, though, and as such, SOFTSWISS has made sure to take considerable steps towards strengthening the onboarding experience through the launch of its In-Game Currency Conversion solution, which allows players who are keen to play with crypto but don’t want to go through the usual hoops to simply convert their FIAT bankroll into crypto while playing at a casino.

SOFTSWISS will continue with its mission which is to demonstrate why cryptocurrencies are a viable option for the iGaming industry. The company is set to embark on a series of podcasts and other educational materials to pursue this goal in 2024.

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15 Dec 2023
3 min. read
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