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SOFTSWISS and CoinsPaid contribute $50K to Turkey relief efforts

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Turkey and SoftSwiss relief efforts.

SOFTSWISS and CoinsPaid, two companies involved in the iGaming and blockchain sectors respectively, have pooled their efforts and donated $50,000 together to help people affected by natural disasters in Turkey.

The country has been hit by earthquakes and flooding, with survivors now scrambling to rebuild their lives. The donation is intended to help with the relief and rebuilding efforts in the wake of the disasters, but specifically, cater to immediate needs.

SOFTSWISS representative Nurullah Yildiz commented on the donation and said that the company felt compelled to donate and help when the first footage of the destruction left by the earthquake surfaced. "We contacted the survivors to find out what they needed most and how we could help," Yildiz explained.

Both CoinsPaid and SOFTSWISS agreed to procure container houses so that they can transfer food, medicine, and other staples to the survivors. A particular emphasis has been put on families in urgent need and those who have disabled children or lost their relatives. Food and clean water have been some of the immediate priorities.

SOFTSWISS founder Ivan Montik said his company was in a position to help alleviate the suffering and so it did. "People shouldn’t face this, but life always shows us that nobody is protected here, so we chose to help those who need it," Montik explained.

SOFTSWISS has been actively supporting various relief efforts around the world. The company has been one of the staunchest donors for Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia in February 2022. SOFTSWISS has so far donated more than €1m to help with relief efforts for Ukraine and the people who have suffered from the war.

SOFTSWISS is continuing to donate to all worthwhile causes, including the ones mentioned here, as the company seeks to do good with its financial clout and staunch performance.

Image credit: SOFTSWISS

22 Mar 2023
2 min. read
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