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Scientific Games brings WAVE retail technology for Atlantic Lottery

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Scientific Games (SG), a leading provider of lottery products and services, announced Monday a new deal with the Atlantic Lottery. The terms of the latest collaboration will see SG provide its leading WAVE point-of-sale retail technology for thousands of Atlantic Lottery locations.

Some 3,000 different Lottery locations in Canada including provinces Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Brunswick are expected to benefit from SG's leading technology. SG explained that delivering the new technology for the Atlantic Lottery is a part of a retail rejuvenation process. In addition to the leading retail technology, the company is also expected to deliver software and other equipment as well.

In a statement released by SG on November 21, 2022, its President, Americas and Global Instant Products, John Schulz, said: "As retailers adapt to workforce challenges and consumer convenience, advanced retail point-of-sale technology is crucial."

He explained that SG's leading retail technology and self-service options are significantly important and can improve the performance of the lottery. Finally, Schulz said: "The Atlantic Lottery's new systems infrastructure implemented with Scientific Games supports the Lottery's ability to adapt swiftly to ensure relevance, growth and sustainability in a rapidly changing world."

Atlantic Lottery's Vice President of Channels, Joey Cormier, added: "Atlantic Lottery is excited to support our plans for retail evolution over the next five years with advanced technology at point-of-sale." He said that the Atlantic Lottery is delighted to bring this innovative technology to its retailers. Last but not least, Cormier pointed out that the new technology complements the Lottery's modernization efforts.

The leading provider of lottery solutions and products explained that WAVE is its innovative high-performance clerk-operated retail terminal that stands out with high speed and ease of use. At the same time, the company pointed out that its leading retail technology comes in different sizes which makes it easier to deploy within retail operations that are different in size.

The latest collaboration comes after earlier this summer, SG introduced PlayCentral HD, the company's award-winning self-service kiosks for the Atlantic Lottery. This rollout marked the debut of complete self-service technology for the first time in the country.

The PlayCentral HD kiosks support cash, as well as cashless payment options and grant the customers easy access to instant scratch games, sports betting and lottery draws. With that in mind, SG's kiosks leverage age verification technology, which helps prevent underage gambling.

The self-serving kiosks are available in locations around Labrador, Newfoundland and New Brunswick provinces. Similarly to SG's WAVE retail technology, the self-serving kiosks are a part of the Lottery's modernization plan seeking to improve the operational efficiency of its retailers.

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22 Nov 2022
3 min. read
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The Atlantic Lottery offers self-serving kiosks but will now improve its retail capabilities by introducing Scientific Games' WAVE retail technology. Have you used one of the Lottery's self-serving kiosks?