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Parimatch increases donation to $2M to support Ukraine

16 Mar 2022
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Parimatch Tech, a Ukrainian sports tech company, has been one of the many to join the collective efforts by business, citizens, and government to bolster the country’s defenses against the invasion which began on February 24.

While the invasion has already displaced as many as 3 million people, Parimatch has stood its ground and doubled down on its decision to continue donating to various initiatives that will hopefully put an end to these events.

The company has doubled a previous donation of UAH 30 million to UAH 60 million or approximately $1 million and $2 million respectively in a bid to support the country's army and humanitarian efforts. The company said in a LinkedIn post that it has already spent UAH 42 million.

The bulk of this amount, UAH 39 million has gone for ammunition with another UAH 3 million allocated to medicine. Parimatch Tech expects the full amount of the donation to be sufficient for the purchase of 3,300 body armor pieces along with 200 radio sets, 60 pairs of binoculars, and 150 thermal imagers.

All of this equipment could contribute to the end of the invasion and cease hostilities in Ukraine’s south, north, and east. Parimatch has undertaken various initiatives to this end.

The company has purchased and delivered 1,000 first aid kits along with 15,000 meals for refugees and territorial defense units. The company has been coordinating volunteers and helping deliver more food supplies as well as medicine.

Parimatch has team members in Kyiv and Dnipro to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian and other aid, along with various electronics such as monitors, laptops, modems, and other necessary equipment to establish communication.

Parimatch has confirmed that it would support any employee that may need financial aid on an emergency basis.

The company has notified partners in Russia that it will be severing ties with them, including Betring LLC, the firm that operates the Parimatch brand in the country.

The invasion of Ukraine has led to an industry-wide response. Gambling Industry for Ukraine sought to raise $333,000 earlier this month and brands such as bet365 have already withdrawn from the country. Other sports betting operators said that they would not cover any Belarusian or Russian sport, citing events in Ukraine as the reason why.

Belarus has denied participation in the invasion. Clarion Gaming said it would not allow Russian state entities or companies to attend its events, citing the unfolding events in Ukraine. The situation is developing.

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16 Mar 2022
3 min. read