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Ontario launches new responsible gambling initiative

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A buoy that helps people from drawning.

Ontario has rebranded its existing responsible gambling (RG) program to My Playbreak. The overhauled program will focus on guiding players to voluntary self-exclusion options and help them get started with gambling again if they choose to. The program will equally focus on providing people with access to treatment services that can help at-risk individuals or those suffering from gambling harm to address the issue.

My Playbreak seeks to introduce a program that tries to onboard players by allowing them to make conscious choices. Once enrolled, a person will have the option to self-exclude for three or six months, or over a period from one to five years. There will be optional check-in calls from the Responsible Gambling Council, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) announced in a press release.

The program will help consumers exclude from a number of venues in Ontario, including the licensed gambling website,, the province’s casinos, and any charitable gaming center in the jurisdiction. As many people fear self-excluding because they do not want to completely restrict their gambling, OLG has launched an accompanying feature known as "Return to Play."

As the name suggests, the idea behind this feature is to renew individuals’ participation in gambling and outlines a clear path to that. Once again, the focus is fully on voluntary exclusion and participation, similar to what Casino Guru seeks to introduce with its Global Self-Exclusion Initiative. Voluntary participation has proven key to the success of any responsible gambling program, and My Playbreak is a continuation of this evidence-based approach.

"This new program offers a more person-centered approach that is not only more accessible but will also support positive outcomes for those participating," said Responsible Gambling Council CEO Shelley White. My Playbreak will seek to onboard consumers by focusing on their personal preferences and seek to establish a stronger connection between treatment facilities and consumers who may need help.

The revamped program comes in the broader context of surging legislation across North America with more jurisdictions in Canada and beyond regulating and licensing operators. Canada is also targeted by offshore operators which do not necessarily prioritize consumer protection.

To this end, OLG wants to ensure that it can assist consumers in helping protect vulnerable ones and guide them to safety. Last week, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation cautioned local residents to only play with regulated gambling sites and avoid offshore websites.

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14 Sep 2022
3 min. read
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2 weeks ago

Great initiative by OLG. Do you like the focus on voluntary exclusion and the fact that the program is also looking for ways to make getting back into gaming "easier"?