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Oddin.gg forms new partnership with PLAYzone

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Oddin.gg and PLAYzone team up.

Provider of esports betting solutions Oddin.gg and PLAYzone have entered into an exclusive strategic partnership that will cover the upcoming Czech Championship TipsportMCR, a Counterstrike: Global Offensive tournament. As a result, Oddin.gg will be able to access official data feeds and in turn distribute those to its own partners.

The addition of new data feeds will strengthen Oddin.gg’s presence in the esports market and also enhance its already robust position in the industry as a provider of some of the most reliable real-time esports betting ads. The tournament that the companies are teaming up for is an important event on the local CS:GO calendar, as Tipsport is a big brand in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic and has been interested in esports for a while.

This partnership is important for another reason as well. It’s de facto one of the first efforts that Oddin.gg has put in to purchase official tournament data, which should dramatically optimize its own reach and ability to provide excellent analytics and feeds back to operators, bringing more worthwhile gaming action to consumers and businesses. Commenting on this partnership, Oddin.gg Managing Director and Co-founder Marek Suchar said:

"Oddin.gg has big plans to shake up the esports data space, as we believe there is significant room for improvement when it comes to monetization and distribution of official esports data, not to mention offering a truly exceptional odds product."

Suchar assured that this is just a start and that the companies had a lot more planned for the future. He said that more similar data deals with major players from the esports verticals will be negotiated in 2023. He added that the wide distribution network and end-to-end esports solution are bound to benefit the entire competitive video gaming ecosystem.

This includes rights holders, individual esports bettors looking to wager on the outcome of a CS:GO game, or another game for that matter, and especially the operators who will be able to tout the best data feed on the market and thus attract more players. Head of MCR Pavel Kristian also welcomed this product and said that it was a privilege to work with Oddin.gg.

He added that MCR felt confident in the tournament’s success as well, citing Tipsport as a strong regional partner. SIS was previously able to launch CS:GO esports betting markets thanks to Oddin.gg. Betway also turned to the company back in March to enhance its own esports presence.

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14 Oct 2022
3 min. read
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