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Novibet becomes latest to join IBIA's cause

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The International Betting and Integrity Association’s (IBIA) ranks have been fast swelling with new recruits keen to join the common cause of minimizing harm done to sports through match-fixing and corruption.

Novibet has become the latest member of the association, ahead of the operator’s expected license in Brazil, which will significantly expand the brand’s geographical footprint, but also strengthen IBIA’s own capabilities to monitor the market in Latin America, and its most promising jurisdiction specifically.

Novibet is joining a sprawling family of more than 50 companies and 125 sports betting brands, as it seeks to further expands globally. The association’s efforts have recently converged on the North American and South American markets, as IBIA seeks to strengthen its presence locally, as it is beginning to monitor those markets closely, and not least because of the recent upheavals of their regulatory makeup that now sees sports gambling fully embraced by some of the most populous jurisdictions.

Commenting on this new opportunity, IBIA CEO Khalid Ali has welcomed the chance to see his association add Novibet to the family. Strengthening the IBIA’s monitoring network is of particular importance to the association and finding a trustworthy partner to help with that – doubly so.

"IBIA is therefore delighted that Novibet has joined the association and welcomes the operator’s commitment to utilising the best integrity protection available globally for its sports betting products," Ali observed. He further noted that IBIA is seeking to become the definitive custodian of sports betting and the best way to achieve this is to continue adding more renowned brands that share this ambition to keep sports clean of manipulation.

Novibet has too welcomed the opportunity to see its brand recognized as a trustworthy partner in the collective quest to tackle corruption in sports and clamp down on match-fixing. Novibet Chief International Expansion Officer Panagiotis Skyrlas was similarly pleased to celebrate the deal.

It’s a testament to the company’s commitment to uphold the highest standards of integrity and fairness, Skyrlas noted. "By aligning ourselves with IBIA, we are reinforcing our vision to uphold the highest standards and to lead by example," the executive further explained. Novibet is confident that it will be able to contribute significantly to IBIA’s mission of elevating trust in the sports betting sector by feeding the association with real-time data and flagging suspicious betting patterns that leave criminals few places to hide.

IBIA has used its extensive resources to continually track suspicious betting signals, flagging as many as 56 alerts in the first quarter of the year.

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23 May 2024
3 min. read
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