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Former Evoplay exec launches iGaming investment fund

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Vladimir Malakchi, a former Evoplay Chief Commercial Officer, has once said "The simpler product always wins."

Yet, the iGaming veteran has embarked on a journey that will test this statement to its core through the launch of his new iGaming investment fund, Xanada Investments, a financial vessel that will now try to sit next to other similar projects, including Yolo Investments, Yolo Group’s own juggernaut.

Xanada Investments becomes latest iGaming investment juggernaut

Malakchi is confident that his project will hit home with audiences and attract significant interest. The vessel is described as an "ideological investment fund" that will focus on PreSeed, Seed, and Series A funding that will go to promising projects in the iGaming industry.

Commenting on this project on his LinkedIn page, Malakchi said that he was proud to officially launch the ideological investment fund. The name has also been picked purposefully as it held a particular meaning with Malakchi.

"Why ideological," he asked in his LinkedIn address. Well, it all boils down to combining what is most important to the people behind the project, both in life and work, allowing Xanada to move forward and scale the summits of iGaming and realize the ideal business vision among like-minded people who feel like doing Xanadu-like business.

The word "Xanadu" is of historical and cultural significance, as it refers to the capital Kublai Khan’s Yuan Dynasty in China, but it has since been used as an example of an idyllic place where artistic prowess is nurtured and honed.

It is fitting then that Malakchi and his team have stopped on this particular title. "Our goal was to build not just an efficient investment fund, but a whole ecosystem of businesses, allowing each of its members to move towards their excellence together," Malakchi said, outlining his goals further.

A shared ethos for business and

To achieve this, the fund will go a step further and look beyond "typical investment resources," while seeking to create a n ecosystem with shared business values, goals, and ethos. "Joining us means receiving not only funding, but a place for implementation and a community of like-minded people," Malakchi added.

The new project comes shortly after his decision to leave Evoplay, a company that he has helped steer towards multiple successes, including a nomination in the Casino Guru Awards.

He worked with the company from December 2019 through February 2024, when he finally vacated his position of CCO. Moving forward, Xanada Investments is hoping to put as many as 25 startup companies in its portfolio with a future appetite for growth.

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05 Jun 2024
3 min. read
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