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FDJ posts confident results in Q3 FY2022

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The third-quarter revenue for the FDJ Groupe was substantial, the company reported in a detailed breakdown of its quarterly performance. The lottery segment drove a strong performance for the Group’s results, posting a 14% increase to €478m (around $477m). One of the reasons why the lottery vertical did so well was the Euromillions jackpot options which incentivized consumers to opt-in for more draws.

Revenue from sports betting came next with €97m (around $96m) of the total, but this vertical is expected to significantly increase as we draw closer to the FIFA World Cup next month. The point-of-sale segment continued to perform very well during the period and added 6% growth. The year-to-date revenue was up €9m (around $8.5m) year-over-year and stood at €1.8bn (around $1.7bn).

Commenting on these results, FDJ Groupe Chairwoman and CEO Stéphane Pallez saw many reasons for optimism over the coming months. According to her, the FDJ has kept its momentum since the beginning of the year and was likely to carry on for the rest of the year. The upcoming FIFA World Cup would be a strong driver of the further betting handle and overall results for the FDJ.

However, Pallez argued that the jump in the point-of-sale sector was another reason for optimism and explained: "We are particularly pleased with the return of our point-of-sale network to a healthy business dynamic, with quarterly stakes up by 6%."

The digital business also performed well during the quarter, with the segment reaching some 5m consumers more or less, Pallez explained. She added that this success was based on Groupe’s own long-term strategy for sustained growth and success, which is already showing. There was a big jump in the overall number of bets placed online, and definitely a respectable uptick in the number of bets placed through points of sale.

For the latter, the increase was 6% to €4.3bn (around $4.2bn) reflecting on resurging sports and interest in it. Then, the online segment grew by 35% according to the FDJ’s official bookkeeping to €643m or around $640m. Meanwhile, FDJ has also been expanding in the iGaming segment, launching the iDecide lottery games with Scientific Games to ensure that it continues to innovate the industry for everyone.

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17 Oct 2022
3 min. read
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