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BetMakers inks new content deal with Racing Victoria

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The leading wagering technology and data provider, BetMakers Technology Group, announced a new content distribution partnership with the Victorian Thoroughbred Racing IMB Pty Ltd, Racing Victoria's media business. The collaboration was announced Monday and involves the digital distribution of's live thoroughbred horse racing content.

Thanks to the new collaboration, BetMakers will tap into Victorian live horse racing video content. The new deal enables the operator to embed this content into its platform and introduce integrated streaming solutions to betting service providers.

The new collaboration is expected to expand the reach of Victorian thoroughbred racing. Overall,'s live horse racing data is expected to reach 25 new partners via the partnership. At the same time, the deal delivers exciting new content on BetMakers' platform.

Peter Campbell, Victorian Thoroughbred Racing's CEO, shared his excitement in a recent press release saying: "The Victorian racing industry is committed to ensuring the broadest possible distribution and reach of live Victorian horse racing content for the benefit of consumers nationally."

He explained that the deal with BetMakers marks an important collaboration for the company which will further expand the reach of its live thoroughbred horse racing content. Finally, Campbell said: "We are delighted to be working with a company that is dedicated to delivering great technology outcomes for consumers and offering our live racing coverage to an increased and engaged audience."

BetMakers' CEO, Todd Buckingham, also shared his excitement about the latest deal with Racing Victoria. He pointed out: "BetMakers is delighted to reach agreement with VTRIMB as a distribution partner for's live horse racing vision."

Buckingham predicted that thanks to this high-quality content, the new collaboration will increase the popularity of Victorian horse racing and boost wagering as well. Moreover, he added: "The content will also continue to bridge the product gap for BetMakers’ platform customers and is the first of many exciting updates we will roll out in this space."

The company's CEO pointed out that joining forces with rights holders and racing organizations within the industry with a goal to boost the distribution and reach of quality data is a key goal for BetMakers. He added that the new collaboration with Racing Victoria complements the company's aforementioned plan. In conclusion, Buckingham said the collaboration will bring benefits and labeled it as a "win-win" for everyone involved.

Founded more than a decade ago, BetMakers is currently a leading wagering technology and data partner for some of the world's most popular and recognized bookmakers. Specializing in the racing wagering industry, the company offers different of products and solutions that bookmakers, as well as rights holders, can leverage.

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22 Nov 2022
3 min. read
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