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Bethard taps Enteractive to improve retention, bring back players

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Bethard, a prominent operator of iGaming and sports betting brands in Sweden and beyond, has turned to Enteractive, a company that provides conversion and reactivation services and helps companies retain as well as reach out to lapsed accounts.

Bethard, which operates brands with .se and .com extensions, has decided to utilize and leverage Enteractive’s focus for both types of brands, and will be expecting the company to reactive lapsed accounts as well as improve retention rates.

For its part, Enteractive feels confident that it can deliver through the injection of its (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform which is created to combine the power of big data and mix it with a personal approach that allows native-speaking customer specialists, utilizing troves of actionable information, to engage with players by phone and establish meaningful communications.

Enteractive prides itself on a personalized approach to CRM that helps it drive results and help partners establish a firmer foothold in their respective verticals. Bethard Managing Director Frank Heinanen has welcomed the partnership and said that the company has partnered with Enteractive to seek sustainable business models and long-term sustainability through re-engagement of audiences.

"To optimize the Lifetime Player Value (LPV) for every segment of our player base, Enteractive will concentrate on those particular audience groups we've identified as being more receptive to such direct and one-on-one interaction," Heinanen explained.

Meanwhile, Enteractive Head of B2B Sales, John Foster, was similarly pleased with the development and explained that Bethard’s sports betting and iGaming brands are indeed established names in their respective markets. With Enteractive onboard, Bethard would have no issue reaching out to inactive player accounts and securing meaningful and impactful results, he clarified.

Enteractive is able to convert more than 16,000 players per month for many of the industry’s biggest operators. Most recently, the company signed a similar agreement with Stake.com, one of the fastest-growing iGaming and sports gambling powerhouses worldwide.

With vast player bases and constantly competing to engage and retain their customers, big gaming companies have realized the value of putting an equal focus on reactivating their lapsed accounts. Admittedly, the costs of this are often much lower than new customer acquisition, and the results are worthwhile.

Either way, a successful gaming business would need to focus on both retaining and reactivating consumers to stay at the cutting edge.

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13 Feb 2024
3 min. read
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