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AmTote confirms new technology deal with Sparket

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The provider of revolutionary live event wagering software, powering betting and gaming operators across the globe, Sparket, announced a new agreement with the world leader in integrated pari-mutuel totalizator and fixed odds wagering solutions, AmTote. Under the terms of the freshly minted agreement, Sparket's innovative pari-mutuel technology will be integrated into AmTote's hubs and totalizator.

The collaboration marks a major step for Sparket as it enables it to access North America's largest online betting platform processor. AmTote's platform processes more than $15b in transactions annually. Undoubtedly, the collaboration is expected to bring benefits for the two companies.

According to Keith Johnson, AmTote International's President, the deal marks an important collaboration for the company. In a statement, he explained: "AmTote loves to see innovation and fresh approaches come to market, and we are excited at the potential of technologies like Sparket to help expand the ecosystem."

Evan Fisher, Sparket's COO, also spoke about the benefits the new collaboration is expected to bring. "Sparket is on a mission to enhance the parimutuel wagering experience and partnering with the biggest name in the industry is a massive step for us," explained the executive.

Currently, Sparket is renowned for its bet-on-anything platform that democratizes live event wagering via community-based pools known as The Social Betwork. The innovative platform not only caters to casinos but also sports betting operators, allowing them to engage with customers and benefit from new revenue streams.

Sparket delivers its technology to a number of partners, including tribal casino operators, sports leagues, as well as online betting services providers. The effectiveness and benefits of The Social Betwork enable the platform to continue growing while helping Sparket expand its portfolio of partners.

The latest deal with AmTote follows other major agreements announced by the company. Recently, Sparket expanded its collaboration with the World Jai Alai League.

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07 May 2024
2 min. read
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