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Casino 999: “We believe that transparency should be part of any business model”

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Casino 999

Casino 999 has won the accolade for the "Most Transparent Casino" as part of the Casino Guru Awards 2024. Today, we caught up with the winners to pick their brains on their journey to the top and what challenges they faced.

Q: Casino 999 made it to the top of the Most Transparent Casino – were you taken aback, or did you feel that your efforts and hard work had been vindicated?

We were not taken aback, as we put a lot of effort into establishing player trust and ensuring full transparency for our customers; however, we were in a category where there were other very well-deserving competitors, so it is always nice to be recognized for your own efforts.

Q: Can you elaborate for our readers the process you had to follow to go from an applicant to a shortlisted company, to a category winner at the Casino Guru Awards?

Progressing from applicant to category winner at the Casino Guru Awards involves submitting a detailed application for evaluation. A panel of judges then reviews submissions based on criteria like transparency, shortlisting top contenders. Finalists undergo further assessment before winners are selected in each category. The awards ceremony celebrates the achievements of winning companies, highlighting their excellence and leadership within the online gambling industry.

Q: Speaking of hard work, how hard is it really to aspire to a standard of transparency that can serve as a benchmark? Did you have to compromise with your business model?

We believe that transparency should be part of the business model, as establishing an open and trustworthy relationship with customers will only lead to recommendations and a recognition that the casino is one that players can enjoy in a safe environment.

Q: Where do you think you could have done better?

Customer service is always an area of improvement, so swift and quick resolutions for our customers is always on our list of KPIs in order to offer a better service to our players.

Q: What are your plans regarding transparency in the coming months?

We aim to continue upgrading our product with better offerings for our customers, whilst at the same time still ensuring that all information is readily available. Our player information, terms and conditions, and offers are all reviewed on a regular basis in order to ensure full updated information.

Q: Can you tell us and our readers how the Casino Guru Awards format is different than that of other industry awards you have taken part?

The Casino Guru awards hold significant importance in the online gambling sector, establishing a benchmark for casinos to aim for.

The Casino Guru Awards format differs from other industry awards in several ways. Firstly, it focuses specifically on the online gambling sector, recognizing excellence and innovation within this niche. Additionally, the criteria for evaluation often emphasize factors like transparency, fairness, and user experience, which are crucial in the online gambling industry but may not be as prominent in other sectors.

Q: Do you plan on joining us at Casino Guru Awards next year?

Yes, we would love to.

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12 Apr 2024
3 min. read
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