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SBC Advisory says the time to move on Brazilian iGaming market is now

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SBC ADvisory Partners

SBC Advisory, a leading consultancy and strategy company within the gambling industry, has released a new statement in which it has hailed the Brazilian iGaming market and the opportunities that it has been offering in recent months.

The time to move on Brazil's iGaming market is now

According to the consultancy, and Founder & Managing Director Anton Kaszubowski, the time to move on the Brazilian iGaming market is now, and there has never been a more auspicious opportunity as a matter of fact.

Kaszubowski is confident that companies should consider investing in the regulated gambling market in the country right now. In a statement shared with Casino Guru News, Kaszubowski said:

"Brazil is a sports-mad, fun-loving country with a track record for enjoying the services of the gaming industry. So, the formal regulating of the sector provides companies with the confidence to invest in what could easily be one of the biggest igaming markets on the planet. The opportunity to get in at the start for a market so big does not come along very often - this is the biggest opening of the past ten years in my opinion."

SBC Advisory is well-positioned to draw such conclusions, as the company has been present in the market for several years now, and has been carefully tracking the changes to the regulated market under several different presidencies. Having experienced the market first-hand, both SBC Advisory and Kaszubowski have some insight to offer as to how it can be approached for the best results.

People in the region tend to first build relationships before striking business deals, which is why companies would want to have a good local footprint. Besides, Kaszubowski notes that there are plenty of opportunities to work on joint ventures and mergers & acquisitions locally.

Local knowledge of Brazilian business culture is essential for long-term success

Kaszubowski himself has been forming some of those important relationships to better understand the market and what it brings. Earlier this year, he and fellow SBC Advisory Founder & Chairman Rasmus Sojmark met with Rio de Janeiro Governor Cláudio Castro at the SBC Summit Rio, to discuss the opportunities that await businesses in the iGaming market in Brazil.

SBC Summit Rio itself was hailed as a massive success with the event now confirmed to return for 2025. SBC Advisory Founder & Business Development Director Quirino Mancini has similarly cautioned that although Brazil presents a huge opportunity for companies and businesses, navigating the local market is not for the faint of heart.

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20 Jun 2024
3 min. read
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