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Playtech steps up its Ontario game shortly after launch

13 Apr 2022
3 min. read

A sign that says Ontario in the province.

Days after a successful launch in Ontario, Playtech is keen to continue exploring its opportunities in what will soon be the largest iGaming market in North America. We are yet to see any results from the gaming activity taking place, but Playtech is confident that it should hurry and secure more partnerships.

The company’s RNG Casino and Live products are already on the market along with the company’s full platform, but this is not all. Playtech wants to launch numerous partnerships over the coming weeks and ensure that it has a strong foothold in the market. Information about these launches will be forthcoming and they will focus on delivering the best possible iGaming experience while still observing the core regulatory principles of the market.

Among those is a focus on responsible gambling which will include the minimization of any harm gamblers may experience and mitigating gambling-related harm. Playtech COO Shimon Akad commented on the launch in Ontario and what it meant for Playtech.

Akad explained that entering a market of the size of Ontario is a significant step forward in the North American region for the company. "We are thrilled to have launched with multiple licensees on day one and we are looking forward to continuing to launch with more of our partners in the coming days," Akad said.

He spoke about the importance of ensuring that responsible gambling standards are upheld in full and noted that Playtech would be able to deliver on this through the use of advanced technological solutions such as artificial intelligence. He further spoke about how analyzing player behavior would be an important tool to spot harmful gambling behavior for example.

Playtech has been working with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to ensure that it provides the necessary data analytics tool to safeguard consumers against harm. Playtech head of regulatory affairs Charmaine Hogan joined and said that the company’s efforts will focus exclusively on the sustainability of the market and protecting consumers while still driving commercial results.

The formative months ahead will enable Playtech to leverage artificial intelligence and ensure that consumers are protected. Furthermore, the technology will assist the company in creating actionable and personalized solutions for gamblers in Ontario which will elevate the experience for all. Sustainability, player care, and innovation are the core of Playtech’s plans for the future of iGaming in the province.

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13 Apr 2022
3 min. read