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GeoComply reveals a strong start for mobile betting in Maryland

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Geocomply and Maryland

Maryland is off to a tremendous start for its mobile betting industry, which launched last week. The first mobile wagers were accepted on Wednesday, November 23, and the first several days around the Thanksgiving holiday were packed with wagers going down on various events, among which the soccer World Cup in Qatar, the NBA and NFL seasons, and more.

New information by GeoComply revealed that Maryland has been able to outperform a slew of other stats bar New Jersey, even though Maryland has a smaller population than places such as Tennessee, Virginia, Indiana, and more. GeoComply, which specializes in ensuring that sports wagers are placed legally online has registered 477,365 unique accounts that took part in the action in Maryland alone.

There was a total of 16.5m geolocation transactions placed between Wednesday and Sunday, November 27. On Thanksgiving Day, geolocation transactions amounted to 3.7m. GeoComply said that New Jersey seemed to be the only state that overtook Maryland in terms of total transactions with 17.1m transactions for the Garden State.

The big boom in mobile betting should be good for the state, argues GeoComply SVP Compliance Lindsay Slader who said that Marylanders are keen to shift fully towards the regulated gambling market.

The American Gaming Association previously confirmed that the share of offshore operators is falling with the majority of consumers now saying that they only want to play with legitimate operators that hold a license from a recognized licensing authority. According to Slader, this is already happening in Maryland, which is a net positive for the state.

Mobile betting was launched with the support of lawmakers and Governor Larry Hogan who has publicly advocated for interactive wagering, arguing that it would help generate more revenue for various funds that are tied to the future of the state. Sports betting remains very popular across the United States, with more markets being legalized as we speak.

There are more than 31 states that currently regulate sports gambling. It’s not just that, however. Americans are also more likely to be betting. The American Gaming Association said that 20m Americans will be betting on the World Cup in Qatar and 46.6m people in the US will also be betting on the NFL.

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30 Nov 2022
3 min. read
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