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Fubo Gaming back’s AGA’s Responsible Gambling Education Month

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Fubo Gaming has become the latest member of the American Gaming Association’s Responsible Gambling Education Month launched by the association last week. The partnership will see Fubo Gaming promote "Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly" campaign and initiative hoping to get more responsible gambling messaging to consumers across all available media.

As sports betting has exploded since 2018, AGA has been stepping up its efforts to educate consumers on the potential pitfalls of the hobby, and more specifically – has tried to bring more companies into the fold with a clear commitment to protecting consumers.

Fubo Gaming will run messaging and other assets provided under AGAs programs and will seek to raise awareness among consumers. This comes at a pivotal time for sports betting in the United States as more than 34 states now have legalized sports gambling, and these numbers are only expected to increase.

Fubo and AGA are both working to ensure that consumers and employees are both active as part of the program. Similarly to BetMGM and MGM Resorts, Fubo Gaming will dedicate a fair bit of effort to help members of the company’s staff be better prepared and more knowledgeable about how to detect problem gambling and how they may assist patrons whom they suspect to be exhibiting symptoms of excessive gambling.

With Fubo Gaming’s sportsbook already available in Iowa and Arizona, the company is exploring how to better improve the sports betting ecosystem in the United States. Commenting on the occasion of joining RGEM, Fubo Gaming president Scott Butera welcomed the news and said that the company was fully committed to upholding the best practices in the industry.

Butera, though, assured that Fubo Gaming had it encoded in its DNA to maintain safe and responsible gambling practices around the year, and not just on single months or as part of broader campaigns. "It’s our responsibility to take a proactive approach toward responsible gambling initiative," the executive said.

Problem gambling remains a problem with serious repercussions across the United States. In places like Ohio, 900,000 people are estimated to be at a low to high risk of developing gambling disorders. RGEM focuses on prevention and raising awareness about the underlying issue.

Fubo Gaming, Butera said, is making sure that its members of staff are being trained throughout the year and attend the relevant refresher courses. Much like BetMGM and MGM Resorts, Butera believes that the onus is often on gambling companies’ staff to detect patrons who suffer from gambling and aid them.

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05 Sep 2022
3 min. read
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