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FDJ doubtful of Dutch online slot ban, confident of Kindred buyout

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FDJ and Dutch gambling operator

FDJ, the French gambling giant and current contender for buying out Kindred Group, an embattled rival, has revealed its first-quarter results, and delivered several insights into some important regulatory developments over the past few days.

Commenting on a proposed online slot ban in the Netherlands, and an Internet gambling advertisement restriction, Pascal Chaffard, FDJ’s Chief Financial Officer, said that he did not believe the first to come to pass.

Restricting Internet advertisement, it could actually benefit FDJ, as Kindred Group already has an established position in the market, and such bans usually make it harder for new entrants to gain exposure among players.

Chaffard was on a public analyst call, discussing important events, including a confirmation that FDJ would pursue the acquisition of Kindred Group, which owns several prominent brands, and has been undertaking some important initiatives, such as its journey to zero, which seeks to completely eliminate any revenue derived from problem gambling.

Chaffard argued that the recent developments in the Netherlands would not be enough to change FDJ’s determination to acquire Kindred Group. There have already been inquiries carried out with anti-trust authorities in both France and Poland, paving the way to a successful deal.

He also called the proposal to ban online slots a "non-event" and argued that it contradicted the established regulatory framework. In other words, enforcing an online slot ban in the Netherlands would be a gargantuan if not impossible task to accomplish as it would contradict the gambling framework the country uses to regulate its industry.

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19 Apr 2024
2 min. read
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