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FanDuel doubles down on iGaming with BeyondPlay acqusition

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As the race in iGaming intensifies in the United States, so is FanDuel scoping out new opportunities with the latest move by the sports betting and gaming company targeting BeyondPlay, a startup that focuses on best-in-class products based on real-money gaming.

FanDuel has confirmed that it is acquiring the company, integrating it with its FanDuel Casino brand, as the brand looks to push further into the iGaming landscape in the United States and beyond. BeyondPlay strengthens player engagement and retention and deploys several powerful products to achieve this, from the Jackpot Management System to Multiplayer Software that allows players to join the same game sessions.

FanDuel is hopeful that this move will lead to a meaningful impact on the company’s footprint in the market. Presently, FanDuel holds 26% of the iGaming market in the United States, as of the last quarter of 2023, and although it has shown growth and momentum, FanDuel wants to make sure that it continues to build in this challenging sector where the likes of DraftKings and BetMGM are fiercely fighting for market share.

FanDuel Casino Managing Director Asif Noifeld has welcomed the opportunity to see his company strengthen its presence in the US iGaming market, where BeyondPlay would play a significant and contributing role in helping the company gather further momentum.

"This acquisition further strengthens FanDuel Casino’s leading customer experience, by adding BeyondPlay’s best-in-class jackpots and multiplayer technology," Noifeld added.

The news was naturally welcomed by BeyondPlay CEO Karolina Pelc who was thrilled to see her company transform from a promising start-up to an acquisition target for one of the most significant iGaming companies in the US market.

"We are excited to join forces with FanDuel Casino to amplify the impact of our technology on a global scale. This milestone marks not just the culmination of our tireless efforts, but the beginning of an exciting new chapter," Pelc explained, confident that the joined future of the two companies would be one of excellence.

BeyondPlay has already been growing its footprint globally, and it has received licenses from many of the leading iGaming jurisdictions around the world, including in places such as Sweden, Canada, Malta, and the United Kingdom.

The company recapped a remarkable 2023, and confirmed in January that it expects 2024 to be even better, which is now reaffirmed by the acquisition move.

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22 Feb 2024
3 min. read
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