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Home Gambling Industry Casino Guru Awards invites you to watch the live ceremony on February 22

Casino Guru Awards invites you to watch the live ceremony on February 22

CASINO GURU 17 Feb 2023
3 min. read
Casino Guru Awards February 2023

The Casino Guru Awards Ceremony is just a week away with the grand date set for Wednesday, February 22 at 13:00 CET. The event will take place online and reunite casino experts and companies, distinguishing them for their efforts and hard work in making the gambling industry a safer place for everyone.

Casino Guru Awards 2023 will reveal the names of the winners of each of the seven categories online during a YouTube live stream hosted by the team. During the event, each of the seven categories will be discussed and a winner – finally announced.

The inaugural edition of the Awards focused on distinguishing brands across seven core categories that are considered the linchpin of safe and responsible gambling. Those categories are as follows:

  • The Fairest Bonus Policy
  • The Fairest General T&Cs
  • The Most Impactful Social Responsibility Initiative
  • The Best Implementation of RG Tools
  • The Most Transparent Casino
  • The Most Effective Handling of ComplaintsVoice of the People

To judge each of the categories, Casino Guru Awards turned to some of the most prominent names in the gambling industry who sat as judges across the panels and sought to distinguish the most worthwhile and deserving gambling companies. The event's schedule is as follows:

  • 13:00 Event Begins
  • 13:10 Panel with industry expert judges
  • 13:30 Winner of 'The Most Impactful Social Responsibility Initiative' category
  • 13:30 Winner of 'The Best Implementation of RG Tools' category announced
  • 14:05 Short Break
  • 14:10 Winner of 'The Most Effective Handling of Complaints' category announced
  • 14:30 Winner of 'The Fairest Bonus Policy' category announced
  • 14:50 Winner of 'The Fairest General T&Cs' category announced
  • 15:10 Winner of 'The Most Transparent Casino' category announced
  • 15:30 Short Break
  • 15:35 Winner of the 'Voice of the People' category announced

The nominees involve prominent operators, international gambling and entertainment giants, safe and responsible gambling specialists, tech and data companies, and others.

Apart from the seven core categories judged by the expert list of specialists, Casino Guru Awards 2023 features a "Voice of the People" category voting for which has been going since December 1, 2023. The category’s winner, driven solely by people’s votes, will also be revealed during the upcoming ceremony next week.

Casino Guru proudly invites you to the Casino Guru Awards 2023 ceremony, which you will be able to attend virtually. Viewers are encouraged to ask questions and should they want to, open discussions using the Slido platform. Do not miss the biggest iGaming event next week – tune in to watch Casino Guru Awards 2023!

Image credit: Casino Guru News

17 Feb 2023
3 min. read
Comments (4)
dralililopez 1 month ago

Hello dralililopez.

Be assured there are many more "good guys" you can potentially see in the future.

Speaking of which, another Casino Guru Gathering - teambuilding event is ahead of us soon. I promise I'll try to capture a solid mega-group picture and post it on our social media profiles!😁

I'm so happy to hear your awesome feedback lots of colleagues worked pretty hard to make this all happen, so it's just amazing it went out so well on the first attempt. 😀

It's also a portion of a commitment to the future - we want to stand up for it!


Daniel 1 month ago

It was awesome to get to know the faces "behind the scenes" you guys were just on point of all of my worries and problematics with the unfair operators and I was amazed of the similarities to my latest issue that brought me here with you guys again and the explanation of the "hidden rules" by your expert, but what bums me down is that I heard a lot in the awards that the operators have to sometimes no to be so strict to the hidden rules when it comes to a mediation of a dispute just for the sake of their reputation and, at lease that’s why I understood, however my operator in conflict is the worse at that simple solution and wants to keep his low reputation getting lower each and every day..,

anyways, congratulations on your big event let’s keep it going for years to come it was awesome to know all the "good guys" today and If I had to vote for one I’ll vote for Vulkan Vegas as my favourite one! 😉



dralililopez 1 month ago

I'm glad you liked it. Considering it was our very first awards event, I had a very good feeling about it.  I was surprised yesterday since I wasn't part of the final event preparations so I didn't know what to expect 🙂

1 month ago

I just got to know this news of the event but I’m watching the replay on your YouTube channel!!


this is just an other level!!!