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Allwyn will step in as UK National Lottery operator in February 2024

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A bunch of lotteyr balls.

Allwyn Entertainment has officially confirmed that it will step in the position of UK National Lottery operator come February 1, 2024, after the outgoing incumbent, Camelot, confirmed that it will withdraw all legal challenges.

Allwyn hurried to outline its own plans for taking over the reins as an operator and said that it hopes to make the National Lottery bigger, better, and safer for everyone who participates. This confirmation comes as a relief to the British public, the UK Gambling Commission, and the company itself, all of which suspected that Camelot would pursue its case in court and seek to block the transference of license, insisting that the regulator had failed to conduct the tender fairly.

In the press release, Allwyn focused on what it intends to do for the sector. As a key priority, the company will make sure to see the money going to good causes in the United Kingdom double. Allwyn spoke about better efficiency and convenience in terms of accessibility when it comes to retailers. The company wants to see the entire industry built around the UK National Lottery transformed into a modern, more appealing proposition.

Allwyn will similarly commit to protecting consumers and ensure that responsible gambling criteria and standards are met and upheld. The fact that Allwyn will be able to start preparing for the change in stewardship right now means that it will have sufficient time to take over from Camelot and step decisively into the segment.

Previous concerns that a dogged legal battle could cost good causes a lot in the way of funding have finally been put to rest. Allwyn Chairman Justin King welcomed the opportunity and thanked all participants for making this happen. Allwyn itself is already looking forward to proving itself:

"Everyone at Allwyn is ready to meet the challenge of working under a shortened timeframe for transition. We look forward to working closely with Camelot’s team over the coming months to ensure the lottery is in its best ever shape when we take the reins in February 2024."

Allwyn CEO David Craven also spoke favorably of this development and said that the company is excited to begin this new chapter in its history. He confirmed that the company will seek to boost performance and make sure that good causes receive more funding. The company will seek to ensure that there are larger societal benefits and contributions as a result of its direct control over the lottery.

Transition plans are already in place, Craven assured. The change of stewardship comes at an important time for the UK gambling industry, which is attempting to reregulate its laws but has hit multiple snags. Now, rumors that newly-elected Prime Minister Liz Truss could scrap a long-anticipated Gambling Act 2005 review draft have made stakeholders and the British public uneasy.

Allwyn has already been able to build and establish a good track record for running lotteries successfully in places such as the Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus, and Greece.

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21 Sep 2022
3 min. read
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What do you guys think about this development? Is it something you expected from Camelot in the end and are you happy Allwyn can finally take over?