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AGA backs Congressional letter to DoJ over black market operators

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The Congress building in the US.

A Congressional letter to the Department of Justice has caused quite a stir in the regulated gambling market in the United States. But this time, it’s not about the Wire Act. Rather, members of Congress have urged DoJ to act firmly against the proliferation of illegal gambling websites in the country. The letter was addressed directly to Attorney General Merrick and urged him to step in and help tackle the problem.

Those, the letter argues, continue to operate with impunity and target American consumers who often cannot tell the difference between a regulated and unregulated website and are thus exposed to illegal gambling markets.

The issue here is that such websites have little obligation to protect their consumers. Not only that, but the United States is losing valuable tax dollar even though gambling has been regulated in the country since 2018 insofar sports betting goes.

Today, more than 30 states and the District of Columbia have legal gambling. This has not stopped or at least not limited enough the spread of offshore gambling. American Gaming Association President and CEO Bill Miller praised the Congressional letter and said that DoJ should truly seek to enact measures that would lead to enforcement action against offenders.

Many popular websites today are operating in plain sight without any license or permit whatsoever. These websites are a significant threat to consumers, argues Miller in support of the letter. AGA is already seriously involved with the fight against such venues.

"Eradicating these websites, and all forms of illegal gambling, is one of AGA’s top priorities," Miller added. He also said that the letter was correct in its surmise that there is a prevalence of offshore sportsbooks that operate unrestricted with no consequence whatsoever.

AGA was one of the initiators to reach out to DoJ first. Back in April, the association urged DoJ to step up and come up with a strategy to address the issue. The association remains committed to help push for the necessary reforms that restrict and limit the access of black market operators to the mainland and ensure that the appropriate enforcement action is taken against offenders.

Illegal gambling has been cited as one of the main problems by several chief executives, including Amy Howe and Jason Robins who both argued that the issue should be dealt with. Such operators have been targeted across the world, in the Netherlands, Australia and beyond in a bid to ensure that consumers are protected.

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01 Jul 2022
3 min. read
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