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AffPapa mints new partnership with Instafiliado

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AffPapa's partnership with Instafiliado.

AffPapa continues to strengthen its partnership profile, this time with Instafiliado, an affiliate program that is focused exclusively on the Brazilian and Mexican gaming and betting markets. Thanks to this collaboration between the companies, Instafiliado will have the opportunity to explore a directory with potentially significant affiliates who may be interested in collaborating on several projects.

AffPapa ensures to only list affiliates that meet specific criteria the company insists are relevant to the conduct of good iGaming and betting business. Instafiliado has welcomed the opportunity to gain access to AffPapa’s affiliate repository. Instafiliado affiliate manager Sofia Castro said that the company was excited to be forming this new alliance with AffPapa. She added:

"Our partnership with them is greatly professional and we appreciate being in cooperation together. We foresee a future of growth and learning experience with this corporation, and we are looking forward to working with them for many more years."

Presently, Instafiliado focuses on promoting two brands, and which target the Brazilian and Mexican markets. The brands are licensed to provide products across a number of verticals, including sportsbook, casino, and racebook verticals. AffPapa CCO Yeva Avagyan has welcomed the opportunity to be teaming up with yet another big name from the industry.

AffPapa’s own CCO, Yeva Avagyan, welcomed the opportunity to be teaming up with Instafiliado. She noted that the company offers several business models, including RevShare, CPA, and hybrid models. Avagyan was excited to target with another big name in the Mexican and Brazilian markets. "The company has a lot to offer, and we are excited to see what this collaboration has in store," Avagyan concluded.

AffPapa has been in the news recently. The company brought Levon Nikoghosyan as its newest member to its board of directors earlier in September. AffPapa similarly teamed up with WebPartners and Partners Casino over the past week.

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27 Sep 2022
2 min. read
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