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Vlad Slyusarenko: “TV games instil a sense of trust among players”

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Vlad Slyusarenko

We sit down with BETCORE CMO Vlad Slyusarenko who discusses how live TV games are in their heyday, and how businesses are opening up to the idea of hosting these products in their libraries. Many reasons compel casinos to explore TV games, from enthralling audiences with their round-the-clock and action-packed gameplay to the fact that audiences and players feel there is a sense of fairness as everything happens in real-time. Slyusarenko breaks down the entire segment to help you better understand how TV games work, and help potential partners understand the benefits of how these products can be applied to their own model.

Q: Can we start by introducing BETCORE to our readers and what your company does?

Greetings! It's a pleasure to meet you!

Yes, I will be happy to introduce BETCORE to your audience. BETCORE stands as a premier provider of diverse casino games across multiple genres. Our platform offers seamless integration of an extensive gaming portfolio through a single API, enabling operators to swiftly expand their offerings and entice new players in the shortest possible time.

Currently, BETCORE encompasses four distinctive sub-brands, each representing a unique gambling vertical:

  • TVBET: Our pioneering venture, specializing in live TV games, where our journey originated.
  • FASTSPORT: Offering fast-paced sports matches that only take 5 to 45 minutes but have all the same features as big sports.
  • El Casino: includes well-known live casino games that revive the casino atmosphere in an online environment;
  • Bet on Games: A brand catering to the integration of beloved instant-win games, including slots, crash games, scratch cards, lotteries, table games, and more.

Moreover, operators have the flexibility to integrate either the entire portfolio encompassing all sub-brands and games, opt for a specific sub-brand, or even select individual games as per their preferences.

So, in a few words, BETCORE is your casino games provider!

Q: What is the strong differentiation factor that helps BETCORE stand out in an increasingly contested B2B field in online gaming?

What sets us apart is that we offer a truly huge variety of games that can be quickly integrated. Operators do not need to contact different companies to get everything in one, as BETCORE simplifies the process by offering everything under one roof. We cater to every need of a casino operator, offering a comprehensive package that includes sports betting, live games with live dealers, and everyone’s favorite slots and crash games — all this using a single API.

Q: How popular has the TV games segment been and have you seen a stronger uptake in this particular vertical?

In recent years, we've witnessed a steady surge in interest towards TV games, and there are several compelling reasons behind this trend.

First and foremost, the live TV games segment offers a captivating array of everyone's favorite and well-known games, seamlessly adapted for the online and broadcasting realm. From classics like KENO, Poker, and Blackjack to other beloved games, this segment boasts familiarity and excitement.

Furthermore, TV games enthral audiences with their live, non-stop broadcasting, instilling a sense of trust among players as they witness real-time gameplay unfold without any manipulation.

Moreover, the allure of TV games extends to the diverse range of betting options available on game outcomes. There are dynamic odds and wide betting lines, which attract not only gamblers, but also those who like to bet on sports.

Additionally, the live TV games industry remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly evolving with the times. From advancements in technology to enhanced adaptability for various devices and even the aesthetic evolution of studio environments within these games, all this contributes to the ever-growing popularity of this vertical among players.

Q: As we are already closing on the first quarter of the year, what has been your main focus and achievements over this period?

You know, we launched BETCORE and presented it only at ICE London 2024, in February of this year. Therefore, for this period, our main task was to prepare everything for the launch of the brand and announce our new beginning. And I believe that we managed to do this in the best possible way. At the ICE exhibition, we loudly declared ourselves and introduced the BETCORE brand to the iGaming world.

We are going to continue traveling around the world and our most recent stop was SiGMA Africa in Cape Town on March 11-13. We have just touched down in SAGSE in Buenos Aires, running from March 20-21. So, look for BETCORE at this exhibition, we will be happy to chat and tell you more about our products!

Q: What is the next big thing BETCORE is planning – or at least, what the general direction of your future efforts for the year lies?

Our primary focus is on continuously enhancing our existing portfolio while also exploring opportunities to introduce new and exciting games to our lineup. The entire team is dedicated to this mission, tirelessly working to elevate the gaming experience we offer.

Furthermore, we are deeply committed to familiarizing our existing and potential partners with the myriad benefits of collaborating with BETCORE. With a keen understanding of the market's pain points and needs, we are well-equipped to provide effective solutions and address them comprehensively.

Our goal at exhibitions is not only to showcase our portfolio, but also to show our commitment to innovation and development. So, we are open to communication and look forward to meeting partners at the next exhibitions in Africa and Latin America!

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20 Mar 2024
5 min. read
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