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SPiCE International 2023 recaps a strong Day 1

EVENTS09 Nov 2023
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SPiCE International 2023

Eventus International has recapped the first day of SPiCE International 2023, one of the most anticipated industry gatherings this year, which commenced on Wednesday, November 8 at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The event saw a number of high-profile executives join the gathering and partake in the SP’iCE’ Breaker Welcoming Reception designed to further break the ice and introduce stakeholders to each other in a casual yet focused fashion. As an inaugural event, the SPiCE International 2023 wants to immediately stand out on the industry calendar for years to come.

Conferences are kicking off today, and attendees can expect C-level professionals who will touch on a variety of topics, covering innovation and advancements across the gambling industry. SPiCE is focusing on a number of topics that will be of interest to stakeholders from all levels of the industry. The topics themselves include:

  • Hottest Trends in the Industry
  • Entering Newly Regulated Markets
  • UAE Tourism
  • Regulations in UAE
  • Creating a Safer and Sustainable Environment
  • Future Innovations and SEO Strategies
  • Blockchain Payments
  • Data-Driven Growth and Digital Marketing

As SPiCE International 2023 carries on, Eventus International reminds anyone interested that there is still time to register for the event. The gathering comes in a particularly important regional context as the United Arab Emirates are preparing to host the region’s first and most prominent integrated casino resort built by Wynn Resorts.

This landmark development is going to shape the future of the gambling industry in the Middle East for decades to come, with more opportunities to be explored. SPiCE International 2023 sets out to explore what these may be and more.

You can find out more on the official website of the event.

SPiCE International 2023 will wrap up on Friday, November 10.

Image credit: Eventus International

09 Nov 2023
2 min. read
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