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SIS receives ESIC accreditation for its esports products

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Esports DreamHack Open event.

Sports Information Services has received the highest accreditation possibly by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC). This standard is attributed to companies that have put significant efforts into safeguarding the integrity of competitive video gaming, which is precisely what SIS has done, SIS shared in an email press release.

SIS is among the first esports betting companies to have met the ESIC accreditation criteria and has therefore been distinguished with the award. SIS has become popular for its bespoke competitive format based on Esoccer, Ebasketball, and CS:GO, all of which are popular with consumers and partner brands.

ESIC has audited the products and determined that they excel in maintaining fairness and ensuring the integrity of individual contests to provide esports fans with the best possible product. SIS offers a range of experiences through the UK-based self-contained studios it hosts and from where it streams each individual competition.

The platform used by the company is secure and free of manipulation, and the age of the audience has also been verified. SIS focuses on creating a viewership and betting experience that is free of toxicity and machinations. Moreover, all events are monitored by ESIC-trained referees who can weigh in if they suspect something untoward in the gameplay or betting activity associated with an individual event. ESIC has been actively weighing in on suspected betting abuses in CS:GO in the past.

Commenting on this, SIS Head of Esports & Competitive Gaming Adam Conway welcomed the distinction and said that the new accreditation proved the company’s own commitment to achieving better integrity and safety standards. Conway added that this standard reflected the core values that SIS always aspired to, and added:

"Our operator partners and their customers appreciate our high levels of integrity, such as visible referees invigilating every game, making us the only esports betting events supplier to do so."

Esports Integrity Commission Commissioner Ian Smith was equally pleased with this development, and he congratulated SIS on the recognition. It’s the highest possible accreditation that an esports betting supplier and the operator can achieve, Smith noted.

The new standard has been created in line with ESIC’s anti-corruption code to help protect competitive video games and the associated esports betting activity with them. It has been revised to better reflect the evolving nature and growing interest in this particular vertical. Many companies have been entering the esports space in recent months, including Parimatch which recently teamed up with Team Secret, one of the leading esports organizations worldwide.

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01 Dec 2022
3 min. read
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