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Remote registration for cashless wagering in Nevada takes a step forward

16 Dec 2021
2 min. read

Omer Sattar of Sightline Payments
The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) has recommended that a regulation change that would allow remote registration for casino customers who wish to play cashless gambling be approved. It was done after the Nevada attorney general's office ruled last month that the measure wouldn't violate federal anti-money laundering (AML) laws.

The Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) still needs to approve the proposal by Las Vegas-based Sightline Payments. That could come when the commission meets in January 2022.

Before opening a cashless gambling account, casino customers now need to appear at the casino to verify their identity. Casino patrons could now use the app to register and fund their cashless gaming account. They would also complete the signup process remotely using ID verification.

To complete the account creation process, customers would need to present a government-issued document of identification when they arrive at the casino.

After having reviewed documents created by federal AML regulators, Michael Somps, Nevada's Deputy Attorney, told the control board that there was no conflict with federal law.

Marc Rubinstein from Station Casinos previously stated that the proposed regulation changes could have a conflict with federal AML rules. On Thursday, he changed his position. Rubinstein said that the language used to combine a government-issued ID with remote verification was a correct method.

Rubinstein said, "We're comfortable that there's no longer an issue with the federal law. I wanted to kind of close the loop since I was essentially the disrupter of the last workshop."

Sightline is responsible for managing the payment process systems of casinos throughout the US. Omer Sattar, the company's co-founder, said following the hearing, "Today's recommendation is a further step toward modernizing Nevada's cashless infrastructure and ensuring Nevada remains the gold standard for gaming innovation."

The regulation change only applies to cashless wagering at casinos. Nevada's requirements for customers to visit a retail casino sportsbook to open an account for mobile sports betting are not affected by the language.

16 Dec 2021
2 min. read