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Incentive Games to bring exclusive crash games to 888Africa

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888Africa has entered into a partnership with Incentive Games, a company that develops innovative content and gaming products for the iGaming sector, and which prides itself on its highly original work as well as strong retention and engagement capabilities.

As a result, 888Africa and Incentive Games will debut a portfolio of three new games in the second quarter of 2024 across the African continent, where 888Africa is licensed and authorized to operate. The games in question include Velocity Classic, Velocity Turbo, and Velocity Free, and all three titles fall in the crash games category.

Both 888Africa and Incentive Games will seek to get more bang for their buck, by continuously analyzing player interactions and fine-tuning the products as and if needed to better meet player expectations and preferences, thus increasing engagement and retention rates.

This is made possible through the use of data and AI, which turn information into unique solutions that are then applied to the game development process or postproduction editing. Commenting on this opportunity, 888Africa co-founder and CEO Christopher Coyne was pleased with the opportunity to work on a set of high-quality and innovative games available to players in Africa.

"These exciting and dynamic games will help us do exactly that, while differentiating our portfolio of titles. We look forward to working with John and the team to integrate Velocity onto our platform and introduce players to these exciting titles in the months ahead," Coyne mused.

His excitement was naturally shared by Incentive Games Co-Founder and CEO John Gordon who was similarly confident in the success of the upcoming products. He spoke highly of both 888Africa and Coyne and said that the new releases will completely rewrite how players experience crash games in the first place.

This push for innovation is going to help 888Africa and Incentive Gamesboth differentiate their offering and penetrate important developing markets quickly. Incentive Games has definitely been one of the companies to set itself apart when it comes to the development of fresh and out-of-the-box games.

A big part of what the company has been doing has focused on coming up with bespoke products that are tailored to meet the needs of particular audiences rather than producing games en masse.

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23 Feb 2024
3 min. read
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