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GambleAware calls FIFA World Cup perfect storm for vulnerable individuals

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World Cup and soccer.

A leading non-for-profit company GambleAware has issued a criticism of the prevalence of gambling advertisement in public space, throughout social media, television, network broadcasts, and more, part of a new campaign. The charity interviewed football fans to find out how they felt about the current number of ads they viewed and encountered with 61% of people interviewed who identified as football fans confirming that there are way too many ads.

Another 39% confirmed that because of financial pressures they may actually end up betting more than they intended to. GambleAware hopes that it can help address some of these issues through its new "Bet Regret" campaign which will unfold over the coming weeks, and it will be targeting consumers who may be at risk of excessive sports gambling.

The "Bet Regret" campaign will seek to educate people on how to set up betting limits efficiently, get rid of temptation and generally manage their gambling better. Another 56% of people who were interviewed by the non-for-profit admitted that it was easy to lose more money than originally expected while betting on events.

GambleAware Chief Executive Zoë Osmond spoke about the upcoming event and how it coincided with Christmas which possibly added insult to injury. Not least, there is the ongoing cost of living crisis which has suppressed budgets and made people more vulnerable to giving in to impulsive activities, such as sports gambling in a desperate hope to earn something back. However, Osmond assures that there is a way for people to feel better this season and during the World Cup:

"This can have the opposite effect, both financially and in terms of mental health. There are lots of ways to avoid "Bet Regret" – the sinking feeling you get after making a bet you wish you hadn't – from deleting apps, to setting a limit. These steps can help fans enjoy the football this winter without feeling stress or anxiety around gambling."

The campaign was similarly welcomed by Gambling Minister Paul Sally who said that GambleAware has been determined to help raise awareness and offer people practical solutions to avoid and prevent gambling-related harms. GambleAware has reached to prominent figures from the world of sports as well, including Peter Shilton who battled gambling addiction for 45 years and has become a speaker and motivator determined to helping otherwise overcome their problems.

Elsewhere, the ANJ, the French gambling regulator, released a catchy pop song to help raise awareness for the dangers of excessive gambling during the FIFA World Cup 2022. The French regulator has gone with the "You saw, you lost" tagline to make people aware of the downsides of gambling.

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16 Nov 2022
3 min. read
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