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EPIC continues to train sports figures about gambling-related harm

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Epic Risk Management and UCFB.

EPIC Risk Management, a consultancy specializing in educating people on the dangers of problem gambling and how to overcome them, has confirmed that it will seek to collaborate with UCFB’s Global Institute of Sports in a bid to continue its mission in sports.

As a result of this partnership, EPIC hopes that it will have access to some of the sports leaders of the future. UCFB offers a master’s degree program for sports management and EPIC’s expertise should come in handy in educating professionals about what they should do in cases where they can see gambling-related problems.

The two organizations will seek to spread the message and ensure that industry leaders are equipped with the tools necessary to overcome the issue. EPIC Risk Management Senior Director John Millington has expressed confidence that the two organizations can collaborate and help each other tackle the problem. He added:

"Problem gambling can affect any individual from any walk of life, but several academic studies have reached the same finding that athletes are up to four times more likely to suffer its consequences."

Millington argued that education and prevention work well and allow people to avoid becoming targeted by various gambling-related problems. He also added that sports organizations are a perfect partner to assist EPIC Risk Management in developing further research and insight into what can be done to further improve the ecosystem and free it from gambling-related harm.

Millington confirmed that EPIC will seek to offer UCFB and GIS students insight to help them later in their professional careers. The news was naturally welcomed by GIS President Sharona Friedman who saw in this collaboration an opportunity to shape the future of the industry.

Students will be educated on the risks and dangers associated with addiction. Friedman admitted that addiction and gambling are two problems that can easily affect anyone. That is why it’s with EPIC’s assistance, she said, that GIS and UCFB will seek to equip future sports leaders with the tools to address these problems head-on.

EPIC will seek to offer students important advice, such as what risks gambling entails as well as how to mitigate against various problems stemming from excessive gambling. "We’re excited to grow our close relationship with EPIC and make a positive difference within the industry together," Friedman said.

EPIC has an extensive track record in the industry having worked in 27 countries and has been involved in a number of programs that deepen understanding of problem gambling and how to address it.

Image credit: EPIC

03 Aug 2022
3 min. read
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