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BGAMING and Stake to roll out player-data-driven game

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BGAMING and partnership.

iGaming studio and developer BGAMING has formed a new partnership with, established a wagering, and online casino brand, and have worked together to bring an exclusive online slot that is based on the operator’s data of consumer behavior and preference. Essentially, the companies have embarked on a development process that is specifically tailored to’s existing audiences.

This is another step in the creation of customized titles that follow the customers in a time for iGaming when players are becoming increasingly aware that customization is the best way to experience the segment. The new game debuted by BGAMING and is Wild West Bonanza, and it will be specifically tapping into relevant historic data collected by the operator.

Wild West Bonanza is marked by the use of the "refilling reels" mechanic which is becoming a staple of the BGAMING portfolio. The gameplay’s plot itself is focused on a Wild West setting where players can hit multipliers that go up to 100x. The maximum payout per spin is 15,000x the size of the bet, which will give players a strong incentive to seek and explore the title.

Apart from guiding the gameplay based on hard data, BGAMING has put considerable effort into building a game that is also equally focused on crafting a strong visual environment. The game’s user interface and user experiences are unique in the use of graphics and sound effects that will be readily available to players as they interact with the gameplay.

BGAMING Product Owner of Brand Exclusive Games Alexandr Shavel welcomed the opportunity to work with for this particular product. "Personalization is becoming key," Shavel said and added that the brands that leverage this mantra the best will be the ones to see the biggest growth in the future. This is an important step for BGAMING as well as it is able to deliver a tailored and bespoke product to a big operator and its community of players, and streamers. issued a statement in which the company said: "It was a pleasure working with BGaming to make this game a reality. We are very proud of our Originals games, and to share our creative input to develop new and exciting games with game providers is extremely exciting." Stake further added that the quality of the final product had far exceeded the company’s initial expectations.

Image credit: BGAMING

19 Sep 2022
3 min. read
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