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Yanina Kaplya: “Skyward is all about innovative player-centric design"

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Yanina Kaplya

BetGames’ Skyward crash game has arrived and with it – there are questions about how the company has approached the exciting segment. To answer these questions, we sit down with Head of Marketing Yanina Kaplya to have a closer look at the design, the pre-launch marketing research, and the reception of the seminal title. A big part of the focus has been on creating bespoke and tailored experiences that address specific market needs. Find out more in our interview with Yanina Kaplya.

Q: Did you undertake any different kind of player preference research prior to developing Skyward as your first crash game?

Absolutely. Our approach to creating Skyward involved comprehensive research into player preferences. Insights gleaned from our partners around the globe greatly informed our understanding of evolving player demands. Their perspectives emphasised the growing desire for immersive experiences and engaging products in online gaming.

From a marketing standpoint, our strategy aligned with current trends in online gambling, focusing on creating an interactive, visually appealing interface to meet the demand for seamless, engaging gameplay.

Q: What kind of feedback have you had from players or operators that has led to improvements in the player experience?

Feedback from both players and operators has been pivotal in refining Skyward’s user experience. Suggestions centred around enhancing the game’s pacing, visual clarity, and backend functionalities. Insights gathered from recent interviews emphasised the importance of user-friendly interfaces, leading to adjustments that improved the game’s performance and cross-platform accessibility.

Q: What can players look forward to in Skyward that they might not see in other crash games?

Skyward uniquely caters to market preferences and partner branding initiatives by offering customised, bespoke gaming experiences. Our focus remains on crafting unique games that align with partner branding strategies and cater to the distinct needs of selected markets, ensuring enhanced player engagement and retention.

From a marketing standpoint, this emphasis on tailored experiences addresses diverse player expectations and aligns with current trends in online gambling. Customisation and narrative integration not only set Skyward apart from other crash games but also serve as powerful tools for establishing a strong brand identity and boosting player engagement, reflecting our commitment to meet evolving market demands.

Q: How successful has the game been since launch and will its popularity influence future game design?

Since its launch, Skyward has experienced significant success, resonating positively with players and operators. Its ability to engage audiences and sustain interest serves as a testament to its potential to influence future product roadmap within BetGames. The game’s popularity reinforces our commitment to innovative, player-centric design, motivating us to explore further inventive concepts and experiences for upcoming game development.

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17 Jan 2024
3 min. read
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