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White Hat Studios Daniel Lechner: "We disrupt the industry by offering variety"

INTERVIEWS 06 Mar 2023
6 min. read
White Hat Studio's representative.

The past few months have been a busy time for White Hat Studios, which has made important strides in the regulated US market. The company’s titles have already topped the Eilers & Krejcik Gaming report of most successful slot games. White Hat Studios has so far partnered with over 30 operators and remains confident in its ability to deliver recognizable and meaningful products across the board. We sat down with Daniel Lechner, White Hat Studios VP of Sales and Marketing, to see what has brought the studio its current success and what is coming next.

Q: White Hat Studios has recently launched in Pennsylvania – this is a second US entry for you. Why did you choose the Keystone State first and what does this mean for your company’s future plans?

We are excited about our launch in Pennsylvania, and it also serves as a testament to our wider ambitions for the US market throughout 2023. Pennsylvania has always held a key position in economic development within the United States and finding success here signifies further opportunities for success across the US. We have previously launched in Michigan with many of our titles receiving both critical and commercial achievements in the Wolverine State.

Michigan also worked as a testing ground for what titles players were drawn to and how best to reach them and allowed us to secure partnerships with operators that we can now utilize throughout our rollout across other states. Our entry into Pennsylvania saw us simultaneously launch with both BetMGM and Borgata. With such synonymous operators showcasing our titles to their players, we have already been receiving incredible feedback and we aim to continue this growth trajectory in this state and others in the coming months.

Q: White Hat Studios is a relatively new studio, and yet you topped US Eilers & Krejcik Gaming’s January report. How have you been able to enter such a competitive market and come on top?

We are beyond proud of our number-one new slot ranking in the Eilers & Krejcik Gaming’s January report which also has two other titles in the top 12, followed up by 6 games in the charts in Februarys rankings demonstrating the popularity of our slots and RNG table games. We have been able to make such a splash in the market for multiple reasons, including the use of established Ips to attract a wide audience. For example, The Goonies™, which entered Eilers & Krejcik report at number seven, is appealing to existing fans of the franchise, but also boasts innovative gameplay, a host of base game features and multiple bonuses that position entertainment at the heart of its gameplay.

Q: Can we expect your game rollout to pick up in 2023 and how do you think White Hat Studios disrupts the industry today?

We are currently launching four to six titles each month within Michigan where we have developed a strong foothold in the marketplace. As we launch in additional states such as New Jersey, West Virginia, Connecticut and of course Pennsylvania we will also be rolling out some of the most popular titles that have already been released in Michigan, along with simultaneously launching new hits across all states we are present in.

White Hat Studios disrupts the industry by offering variety in our roadmap introducing players to engaging and entertaining slots that aren’t as heavily influenced by land-based casino content as many other providers within the US are. There is, of course, a long history of land-based casino content within the US thanks to the Las Vegas influence. Players understandably enjoy the content that resonates with these preestablished norms but there is also an opportunity to subvert players’ expectations and introduce new gameplay elements to the market for the first time. It is here where White Hat Studios are strongest as we see ourselves redefining what a slot can be for US audiences.

Q: What is the true gauge of a studio’s success in new and existing iGaming markets?

For White Hat Studios, we gauge our success based on how many prominent operators we have partnered with and the share of the wallet we have with each. These casinos provide a platform for players to engage with our titles and it is paramount for any provider’s success to be available on as many leading operators’ websites and mobile apps as possible. White Hat Studios has partnered with over 30 operators and is currently live with over ten market-leading casinos including BetMGM, Fanduel, DraftKings, Caesars, Rush Street, Wynnbet and more. These prominent brands allow our titles to garner as wide a player base as possible and this is something we aim to continue to develop in the coming months.

Q: A New Jersey state launch is on the cards. Can you tell us how a new supplier such as yourself is able to compete against the established local competitors?

Our launch into New Jersey is imminent in the coming weeks and we aim to compete in the market through a variety of means. Firstly, we want to expand the partnerships with operators previously discussed to introduce our titles to their casinos in New Jersey, as this will allow us to gain traction within the state relatively quickly.

Secondly, we are very aware that our popular high-quality titles are our biggest strength. We aim to compete by launching multiple slots within the state that have already received commercial and critical acclaim in other regions of the US. We are confident in our slot’s ability to entertain players and provide them with engaging experiences that cannot be replicated by competitors.

Our delivery of recognizable IPs through collaboration with Viacom, DHX Media, Banijay Brands, Warner and more allows us to release branded slots that players will be drawn to. Whilst our ambition of releasing games that have dynamic and engaging content at their heart will keep these players returning to our slots after initially finding them. This is a recipe for success and will allow us to compete across all regulated states in the US.

Image credit: White Hat Studios

06 Mar 2023
6 min. read
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