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Royspins: “The industry still has a long way to make bonuses a safe and enjoyable experience”

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Roy Spins, Shortlisted.

Today we sit down with Royspins, one of the shortlisted nominees in the Casino Guru Awards 2024, competing in the Most Effective Handling of Complaints and The Fairest Bonus Policy categories. The company talks at length about the importance of a good de-escalation strategy and seeking an outcome that is fair to all parties while observing pragmatic and established sets of rules. The same lessons learnt here can be applied to how the company ensures that it creates a reliable bonus policy that is approachable to players and helps them make smart and informed choices. Find out more in our full conversation with Royspins below.

Q: What is an effective handling of complaints according to Royspins? Is it complaints that have been resolved in favor of either party or complaints that have been resolved on amicable terms?

When addressing complaints effectively, we aim to achieve favorable outcomes for all parties involved. If the complaint from the customer's side is within reasonable gambling industry standards, we consistently strive to find a de-escalation strategy that meets their satisfaction. A loyal customer is a happy and satisfied one, so we go to great lengths to explore proactive solutions when dealing with complaints.

Q: Do players accept certain outcomes? What does Royspins do when a customer is still unhappy with the way the complaints resolution process went?

As previously highlighted in our earlier communications, we have a well-structured complaint-handling system designed with a progressive approach.

Our initial line of response is managed by our dedicated support department, aiming to address and resolve complaints in real-time.

In cases where immediate resolution is not possible, the information is seamlessly transferred to our specialized complaints department. This team is equipped to provide innovative and often more effective solutions to the presented cases.

If, despite these efforts, a customer remains dissatisfied, we escalate the case to our upper management, who can propose even more lucrative solutions.

It's worth noting that over 90% of customers within this established chain of resolution find a solution that meets their satisfaction

Q: You are also competing in The Fairest Bonus Policy. Can you tell us a little about what makes a bonus fair, and how has the industry been doing with regard to fairness?

In our perspective, the fundamental idea of bonus fairness is straightforward: minimize the chances for customers to make errors and address issues on an individual basis. Each case is significant, and our dedicated team possesses both the time and expertise to thoroughly analyze each individual situation.

In our opinion, the industry has a long way to go to make using bonuses and trying to win with them a safe and enjoyable experience. Max bet restrictions, false advertisements, max win caps, tons of game restrictions, manipulative schemes, and the list could go on and on! There is a need for higher industry standards when it comes to bonus fairness.

The vast majority of our bonuses are turnover-based, offering unparalleled flexibility with no restrictions. Customers have the freedom to place bets without limitations and can make withdrawals at their convenience, embodying a commitment to complete fairness and transparency.

We have a strong conviction that Turnover bonuses are the future, and it's only a matter of time before every online casino incorporates some variation of these bonuses on their platform.

Q: Do you think that you offer a better level of fair bonus policy than your competitors and why is that?

Certainly. We are highly confident that our bonus system surpasses the fairness and transparency of our competitors.

As previously stated in the earlier question, our bonuses come without any limits, thus avoiding the imposition of penalties or restrictions.

However, looking beyond this aspect, we uphold a transparent approach in our communications, emphasizing our Bonus Terms and Conditions on our website. In essence, our customers are consistently well-informed about bonus conditions and restrictions.

We don't play any games! Our priority is to create a safe and enjoyable space for our customers to have fun with bonuses!

Q: Have you seen an increase in the overall industry standard for resolving complaints and how has Royspins stayed ahead or on par with those benchmarks?

Yes, we've seen an overall improvement in complaints handling processes. Keeping a good reputation and being a trusted brand go hand in hand with sorting out issues. That's why the trend is to be swift and forthcoming when dealing with complaints.

We're making strides in this area as well. With the addition of new team members, we've set up a dedicated department solely devoted to handling complaints.

Responding quickly, maintaining fairness, and showing empathy are our main goals in the world of complaints.

Q: What are the day-to-day challenges in offering a fair outcome of a complaint resolution case?

Most importantly, we prioritize a thorough examination of each case, conducting individualized analyses to gain a comprehensive understanding.

While we adhere to our rules and Terms and Conditions, we firmly believe that each case and customer deserves the benefit of the doubt, allowing space for their unique perspective.

However, the most significant daily challenge lies in adapting our business model to new and complex scenarios to ensure objectivity and fairness in all our future complaint resolution processes.

Q: Looking forward, what changes do you think you can realistically implement in order to make your process more streamlined and efficient?

Great question!

We can't pinpoint anything specific at the moment, because we already take pride in our complaints department, appreciating their daily work ethic and approach.

Primarily, we aim to optimize minor details such as website bugs, flawed segmentation, and occasional miscommunication in live chats, which could potentially result in complaints and dissatisfied customers.

Additionally, we might consider prominently featuring our complaints@royspins.com email on our website, providing customers with a clear point of contact for any concerns or issues.

Q: Has the Casino Guru Awards made you more aware of the importance of maintaining a strong complaint handling process and have you been inspired to introduce changes to how you address this process?

Certainly, both Casino Guru as a whole and the awards hold significance for us. We aspire to excel in this category, and even the nomination holds great value for our team.

Over the years of collaborating to address complaints, we have successfully implemented numerous improvements and seamlessly incorporated your valuable suggestions into our everyday workflow. Our primary change involves actively listening to customers and affording them a sincere opportunity to share their perspectives.

Q: What has motivated you to sign up for the format, and what do you hope to gain as a result of your participation and potentially winning the awards?

In terms of motivation, it's straightforward: we firmly believe that we deserve to win, particularly when it comes to The Fairest Bonus Policy category. Our bonuses are not only thrilling and innovative but, most importantly, they embody a commitment to fairness.

When it comes to the meaning of winning, securing success from a reputable entity like yours reassures us that we are on the right path.

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07 Feb 2024
7 min. read
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